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From today’s New York Times:

Corrections: March 8

Published: March 8, 2012


Because of an editing error, an article on Wednesday about a large lobbying effort on Capitol Hill Tuesday by delegates to the annual conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee referred incorrectly to the organization, known as Aipac. It is a pro-Israel lobbying group that works in the United States to advance Israel’s interests. It does not work directly for the state of Israel or its government.

From the article “Pro-Israel Delegates Have Washington’s Ear on Iran“:

Andrew Groveman, a real estate developer from Memphis, was leading the group of delegates from an Israel lobbying group, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, through meetings on Capitol Hill. “As you know,” Mr. Groveman said, “we always have three points.”

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Gosh. the NYT thought that AIPAC (“Aipac” ?? Hunh ??) (a/k/a American Israel Public Affairs Committee” and the abbreviation is AIPAC or A.I.P.A.C., not Aipac) was a representative of — Israel?? How could they have made such a mistake, I mean a boo-boo? There are, after all, things that polite people simply don’t say! Things polite people don’t way. Received wisdom. Political (in)Correctness. Stuff you’ll be stomped on if you say. “PSS”: Politically Suppressed Speech.… Read more »

Grant Smith of IRMEP history of Aipac’s ability to slide out of registering under the Foreign Agents Registration Act Scott Horton’s interview with Hillary Mann Leverett. Hillary states that Netanyahu has extracted a very dangerous agreement with Obama based on Iran getting rid of their enrichment program all together. That the fact that Iran signed the NPT and that there is no solid evidence to verify that Iran is enriching uranium beyond what they… Read more »

Whoa! That’s a big mistake for the NYT. Apparently the reporter who wrote the article, Jodi Rudoren — the future Jerusalem bureau chief — and the copy editor who missed it, apparently haven’t completed their in-house hasbara training course. Hopefully, they never will.

whether defined as an israel lobby or as a pro-israel lobby AIPAC stands for three things, israel first, israel first, israel first.

Just re-read the NYT correction. Last sentence: “It (Aipac) does not work directly for the state of Israel or its government.” Which I take to mean, therefore, that Aipac works indirectly for Israel. Otherwise, why use the modifier “directly” in the correction? Reporter Jodi Rudoren was right the first time. The NYT may be sorry for giving her the J’sem post if her original “Aipac lobbies for Israel” line indicates her desire to be a… Read more »