‘NYT’ helps Netanyahu bury Palestinian issue

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In the Ethan Bronner story today “Mideast Din Drowns out Palestinians,” he says Iran swamped everything in Obama’s meeting with Netanyahu.

But when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel visited Washington this week, the conversation was dominated by Iran, not peace talks or occupation.

Actually, Obama led off his public appearance with Netanyahu with a surprising allusion to Palestine–

During the course of this meeting, we’ll talk about the regional issues that are taking place, and I look forward to the Prime Minister sharing with me his ideas about how we can increase the prospects of peace and security in the region.  We will discuss the issues that continue to be a focus of not only our foreign policy but also the Prime Minister’s — how we can, potentially, bring about a calmer set of discussions between the Israelis and the Palestinians and arrive at a peaceful resolution to that longstanding conflict.  It is a very difficult thing to do in light of the context right now, but I know that the Prime Minister remains committed to trying to achieve that.

And obviously a large topic of conversation will be Iran,

The next day the Times report by Mark Landler excluded that detail–no mention of Palestine in his account of the meeting. And now, Bronner repeats the Times abridgment as historical fact.

P.S. An anonymous friend supplied all the thinking and most of the writing in this post. I depend on tipsters, but want readers to know about the debt. 

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The notion that Israel can somehow “bury the palestinian issue” is such a load of crap. Tomorrow morning regardless of what Bibi has done in the US, 3.5 million Palestinians will wake up and face the day with no rights, no citizenship, no freedom of movement, no social security.

Israel’s number one challenge will never be swept under the carpet or buried or carpetbombed successfully. Reality is bigger than Zionism .

Why doesn’t the national media see through the focus of Iran nuclear developments, are marginalizing the Palestinian Issue? People like David Gregory or Chris Matthews should at least be suggestive of this idea to their American audiences. What happened to the power of suggestion and subtly with reporters? (Likely any suggestion gets them excoriated by the status quo establishment powers.) from Bronner:Zakaria al-Qaq, a Palestinian expert in national security at Al Quds University in Jerusalem,… Read more »