No Palestinian athletes will represent Israel in the Olympics

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An article by Yoav Borowitz in Hebrew Haaretz, translated by Sol Salbe on his facebook page. Salbe says if you ever need an example of “hafrada,” or separation, this is it:

However, a very large community will not be part of this celebration, a community that in effect has not been part of the Olympic celebration for eight consecutive Olympics. Zero Arab athletes represent Israel in London. Zero, even though the Arabs in Israel number 1.67 million people, approximately 20.5 per cent of the population. In all of its years of existence Israel has been represented by 338 athletes in 19 different Olympics. But only two Arab-Israelis have been privileged to participate in Olympic delegations – soccer star Rifat Turk (Montreal, 1976) and weightlifter Edward Maron (Rome, 1960).

This topic has never come up on the public agenda in Israel. Sports ministers have never said a word about it, nor have the heads of national Olympic Committee, or even the media or elected officials ever uttered a word about it. Amazingly, no one can even recall Arab Israelis raising the issue, as if they expect to be excluded from official delegations that represent the state

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yeah, but uncle sam will be running a wacko evangelical in the marathon

Really? No Palestinians? How is it surprising that the Israeli team is comprised of Israelis? As for the supposed scandal that there are no ethnic ARABS on the team, someone would have to put forth the names of Arabs that should have been on the team but were excluded.

Here is the continuation of the article “Sport is indeed the closest thing to meritocracy only one’s ability counts. Had there been a good enough Arab athlete meeting the Israeli and international criteria, she or he would certainly be representing Israel in London. But it is clear that the absence… Read more »

>> This article condemns Israel for the lack of Arab athletes in it’s Olympics team. But if there were any then this very site would accuse Israel in an attempt to “sportwash” it’s crimes against the Palestinians by adding token Arab athletes to it’s national team. Good point. But if… Read more »

“as if they expect to be excluded from official delegations that represent the state” No duh, Yoav. I wonder maybe it’s cuz your people did something to them? And perhaps it could be linked to the fact that even as a purportedly progressive Zionist you refuse to recognize them as… Read more »