‘NYT’ crossword puzzle

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Wednesday, 7/18, 34 Down:

U.S. ally whose capital has the letters U-S-A in the middle of the name: Abbr. 

Argggg. I can’t even do crossword puzzles without misinformation and propaganda.

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I take it LUN, for Lusaka, Zambia, didn’t fit? #geek


Now that is diabolical. Since the US officially recognizes Tel Aviv as the capital of Israel it can’t be that nation.

You’re shitting me.

I’m reminded of the time I was trying to track down some Palestinian village that had been the location of an airstrip in World War Two.

I finally found it. Google gave the Biblical Hebrew name of the site, along with the comment that it had been ‘liberated’ in 1948.

Somehow, I doubt if the residents really enjoyed ‘liberation day’ all that much.

But then Israel isn’t an ally: This is what Ray McGovern had to say about this (19 November 2009): … what is generally called “our ally”, the state of Israel. And you probably have heard me say this before, and people are shocked that I would say it, that Israel is not our ally. Go to your dictionary and look up “ally”; ally is someone with whom you have a mutual defense treaty. There is… Read more »