Israel demands statement from Obama about Iran attack by Yom Kippur

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Maariv bombshell Photo: Didi Remez

After last week’s fearfest over Iran fell flat, the danger duo of Netanyahu/Barak are up to their tricks again, revving up the pressure tactics for an Iran attack.

Didi Remez translates the latest bombshell from Israel via the Hebrew press. If Obama doesn’t get on board by Yom Kippur there will be hell to pay during the last month of his campaign for re election. According to Maariv journalist Eli Bardenstein:

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak expect US President Barack Obama to say clearly that the United States will take military action to stop the Iranian nuclear program either at the UN General Assembly on September 25, which is the eve of Yom Kippur, or on some other public platform by that date.

Officials in the Prime Minister’s Bureau refused to respond [formally] to questions on this issue, but sources in Jerusalem said that officials in the Foreign Ministry and the Prime Minister’s Bureau have already begun to make preliminary efforts to coordinate this issue with the White House and with US Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, who has very close ties to Obama.

The UN General Assembly meeting will begin on the eve of Yom Kippur. One of the first speakers will be President Obama. Despite the fact that that speech is still a month and a half away, officials in Jerusalem have already begun to take action. One high-ranking source in Jerusalem said that if Obama does make the statements that Israel expects of him to make, that will serve as a decisive contribution to Israel’s sense of confidence that the United States will indeed take military action to stop Iran, and it will also dispel fears that Israel might attack before the American presidential elections on November 6.

For Israel, time is pressing for a statement of that sort because of the tight timetable for an attack on Iran, which some people have assessed is likely to be carried out in the next two and a half months. That said, officials in the Prime Minister’s Bureau and the Defense Minister’s Bureau are aware of the fact that if Obama does decide to make a statement of that kind, he will make it only in closer proximity to the election, and not at present.

Israel has been pressing for an Iran attack for a few decades. We shouldn’t be surprised the new deadline is November 6th. Is Obama going to cave to Netanyahu’s scheduling?

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how in the devil do you get all this crazy stuff?

type jewish nutball on google and this stuff shows up?

seen most of this stuff and these rant throwers before, they all must be related

Blackmailing our president to act in a way that is counter to the well-being of Americans! To add to that, our tax dollars go to support people like him to do so, as all that aid comes back into the coffers of our congress-critters, who then allocate more tax dollars to Israel. No mafia in history has been more successful! ‘Iran appeals for foreign aid after earthquake’ Will the US send any aid or keep piling on the punishment? UK headlines.. ‘Iran tensions push up oil price’ Wonder if speculators are giving Netanyahu a commison on affecting oil prices. ‘Sudden spike in price of crude oil raises cost for manufactures’ Well it raised even the cost of pet food by 30% this year so human food cost probably went even higher. “Fed Chief:… Read more »

Commit himself on a war against Iran? Shouldn’t be a problem for President Obama, but just in case he’s at a loss for words, how about this? “My fellow Americans*, please recall that my oath was to uphold the Constitution of the u.s. of a., with Israel not even mentioned. So let me make this clear, if the Israeli government wants to make war on Iran, that’s their business, but it shouldn’t expect to receive… Read more »