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Israeli soldiers laughed and cursed as they kicked handcuffed Palestinian youth in stomach, causing severe injury

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A highly-disturbing case of a 19 year old Palestinian brutally beaten at a checkpoint inside the occupied territories has been documented by Al-Haq, the Palestinian human rights organization. Please note the sadistic description of the beating in the fourth or fifth paragraph. I wonder whether the New Yorker, which has published fiction making light of checkpoint abuses in this foreign country, will cover this case in any manner at all. From Al-Haq:

Last week, Al-Haq documented a particularly disturbing case of abduction and severe physical assault of a Palestinian youth by the Israeli military. ‘Uday Nasri Abu-Mariyya, 19 years old, of Beit Ummar village (Hebron Governorate), was beaten to the extent that he required surgery to repair a tear in his intestines caused by the assault. Al-Haq denounces the delay and difficulties ‘Uday faced in order to receive proper medical treatment in Palestinian hospitals in the West Bank. Al-Haq reiterates its concern about the frequency with which the Israeli army arbitrarily arrests Palestinians, who are subsequently abused and left without appropriate legal remedies to redress their harm.

‘Uday Nasri Abu-Mariyya

On Tuesday 31 July at approximately 10:30 pm, ‘Uday was returning alone to his home from the mosque, along Road 60, which connects the village of Beit Ummar with Hebron. When he passed by an Israeli military observation tower, he saw that three Israeli soldiers had stopped two Palestinians and asked them for their identification cards. The soldiers then ordered ‘Uday to come towards them and demanded to see his ID as well. The soldiers returned the IDs to the other two Palestinians who then left while ‘Uday was ordered to stay at the tower. He was forced to wait until nearly 11:00 pm and when ’Uday asked why he had been stopped one of the soldiers replied that he would be ‘submitted for investigation’.

‘Uday recalls that some of his family members passed by and stopped but they were forced to leave by the soldiers. At that point, a military jeep arrived at the observation tower and two soldiers disembarked carrying plastic handcuffs and a blindfold. ‘Uday asked why he was being arrested, but instead of answering, a soldier began swearing and violently dragged him towards the jeep. When ‘Uday asked if he could make a phone call to his family he was told that soldiers were not authorised to allow this. After being tightly handcuffed and blindfolded, ‘Uday was forced into the back seat of the jeep where one of the soldiers punched him on his left side and then struck him with the rifle in the same place. The jeep left the tower and along the route a soldier kept striking ‘Uday in the face.

Approximately five minutes later, the jeep stopped and the soldiers took ‘Uday to a caravan where six soldiers start kicking, punching and slapping him repeatedly in his abdomen and head. While beating ‘Uday the soldiers were laughing, cursing and verbally abusing him. Five minutes later the soldiers stopped and ‘Uday told them he would submit a complaint before a court concerning his ill-treatment. Immediately after stating this, one of the soldiers lifted him up and dragged him out of the caravan, hitting him violently and repeatedly in the stomach. Despite ‘Uday screaming in pain, the soldiers continued the beating.

The assault lasted for almost two hours and left ‘Uday with excruciating pain all over his body, especially in his abdomen, handcuffed wrists and shoulders. Afterwards the soldiers took him to a place ‘Uday recognised as a gate of the settlement ‘Karem Zour’, which is the closest settlement to Beit Ummar. ‘Uday was forced to wait for approximately one hour, during which time some soldiers hit his head against the wall several times. Eventually the soldiers took him back to the observation tower in Beit Ummar. At that point ‘Uday’s family members arrived at the observation tower and demanded that the soldiers release ‘Uday. Nearly four hours after being stopped by the Israeli military, the soldiers finally released ‘Uday.

On 1 August, at approximately 2:30 am, ‘Uday returned to his home feeling exhausted and with stabbing pains in his abdomen. His health condition deteriorated during the night and at 5:00 am he began to vomit. At 6:30 am Uday went to ‘Aliya Hospital in Hebron, where the doctors told him he had severe bruising, gave him some analgesics and sent him home. Back home ‘Uday was still in acute pain, and so he tried to get a second opinion but was unable to secure a visit with another doctor. He bought more analgesic and returned home where his situation deteriorated further.

At approximately 10:00 pm, ‘Uday was taken to al-Ahli Hospital in Hebron where he waited to be examined. Muhammad, one of ‘Uday’s brothers, worried about his worsening state and lack of attention from the hospital staff, took him to ‘Aliya Hospital once more. There, the doctors told ‘Uday to wait until the following morning to start the medical tests, and when his family demanded to talk to a doctor, they were informed that the doctors were not present.

Despite his disappointment at the diagnosis of some doctors and the negligence of others, Muhammad had no choice other than to take his brother to al-Ahli Hospital once again where ‘Uday was hospitalised and underwent medical tests. The following morning, the doctors suggested that they carry out exploratory surgery to diagnose the problem in ‘Uday’s abdomen. Ayman, another brother of ‘Uday’s, who is a doctor in Haddasa ‘Ein Karim Hospital in Jerusalem, disagreed with the surgery and began processing the documents that would allow for ‘Uday’s hospitalisation at the Haddasa ‘Ein Karim Hospital. ‘Uday was finally hospitalised in Jerusalem on 2 August, where he underwent medical tests and x-rays that revealed a tear in his intestines that had been caused by the beating.

‘Uday was forced to undergo emergency surgery that lasted almost two hours and successfully managed to repair the hole in his intestines. He received 20 stitches and is due to leave the hospital on Saturday 10 August 2012. (Affidavit No. 7620/2012)

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35 Responses

  1. Kathleen
    August 11, 2012, 10:21 am

    I have heard so many stories like this from our dear deceased peace and justice activist Art Gish. These soldiers are pathetic slimy cowards who have lost all sense of decency. Their pictures should be posted under the title cowards and thugs. This is what the Palestinians have been dealing with for decades…decades

    • Abierno
      August 11, 2012, 11:50 am

      The israeli military as well as society is drowning in violence as a result of their failure to realize that such sadistic behavior, once unleashed, knows no boundaries
      and thus does not stop at the border between Palestinian and Israeli. They have
      -perhaps terminally – infected their youth, families and culture. While what has
      happened to this young Palestinian is outrageous, the Palestinian adherence to
      nonviolent opposition has built a remarkably tolerant and resilient culture. Which
      is all the more enraging to Israeli youth who at some levels are aware of how destructive the emphasis on untrammeled use of violence – emotional, physical
      and cultural – is on their own personal well being. Particularly when directed toward children.

      • Mooser
        August 12, 2012, 7:50 pm

        Exactly Abierno, exactly. And this is the behavior Jewish men are supposed to look up to and emulate? Yup, that’s gonna work out great for Jewish women and children.

  2. DICKERSON3870
    August 11, 2012, 2:07 pm

    RE: “Israeli soldiers laughed and cursed as they kicked handcuffed Palestinian youth in stomach, causing severe injury” ~ Weiss

    MY SNARK: Oh how I long for the “good old days” when it was just a matter of the IDF using humiliation and degradation without the need for such overt physical abuse!

    (excerpt) . . . Last week, soldiers from the Golani infantry brigade posted a video on YouTube depicting a blindfolded Palestinian being forced to repeat phrases in Hebrew as the soldiers manning the checkpoint laugh in the background. . .
    One of the lines is: “Golani will bring you a log to stick up your ass.” 
    As the detainee repeats the words, the soldiers are heard laughing raucously in the background. . . 

    SOURCE –
    • VIDEO CLIP (00:40) –

  3. CloakAndDagger
    August 11, 2012, 3:36 pm

    I must not hate…
    I must not hate…
    I must not hate…

    • annie
      August 11, 2012, 4:37 pm

      you can do it, breathe. listen to Suheir Hammad 12:46 in her poem about rachel corrie:

      ‘it is hard not to hate right now
      but i have been loved
      i have loved
      and i know that those who dehumanize
      their enemies
      are only doing so to themselves…’

      then lia asks her: how do you find an outlet for your rage so it does not turn into hatred?

      and suheir responds:

      all you gotta do is go to palestine and meet the people. you wanna be inspired about fortitude and patience and forgiveness and humility? meet those people every day….

      listen to the rest. if palestinians can do it so can you.

      • Citizen
        August 13, 2012, 9:01 am

        @ Annie
        But if you do what you recommend, Annie, what will happen to anti-Semitism? What if fighting that certified disease is, increasingly, the only glue that holds you and yours together? Why, you might just be merely human. If you don’t belong to an exclusive club, do you exist? Come on! I’m defending the quality of your human life! We can’t let what color socks you like, or your favorite comfort food, determine your unique specialness. After all, we live in a consumer century, and you have to rise above that stuff.

    • American
      August 13, 2012, 3:19 am

      Said the Emperor: …’ love needs power to be victorious, it is feeble without it against the power of the Dark Side.”

      That’s the catch. Love Palestine to death.

      • Citizen
        August 13, 2012, 9:08 am

        @ American

        “That’s the catch. Love Palestine to death.”
        Who’ s death?
        Yes, a good Zionist wants to survive, and not only that, survive “as a Jew.”
        Nobody wants to commit suicide. But Israel, the Jewish collective’s state, well now, better to play Samson?

      • American
        August 13, 2012, 11:51 am

        @ Citizen

        ‘Love Palestine to death.”
        As in …you can ‘love Palestines and peace– all the while the ‘power’ on the Dark Side is killing them.
        IOW….loving one side or both isn’t enough 99 times out of 100 in the real world, you gotta have some power in order to employ that love against the Dark Ones.

      • annie
        August 13, 2012, 11:54 am

        love needs power to be victorious, it is feeble without it against the power of the Dark Side

        is this your own theory of did someone important like darth vader use it before you. just curious. some might argue love has power. just saying. are you familiar with aesops fable about the wind and the sun.

        some might even argue israel is self destructing. there’s also the whole energy behind tai chi, using another’s aggression towards you as ammunition, or something like that. there’s power in truth and exposure too.

      • American
        August 13, 2012, 12:48 pm

        Darth Vader of course…LOL
        Yea, love Aesops fable.

        Not arguing there’s no power in love…..just reminding that in the real world sometimes love is not enough and you gotta be really, really, really ‘against’ the Dark Side.

        I would be tickled pink if love was all it ever took.

  4. Walid
    August 11, 2012, 4:59 pm

    Insight into a diseased mentality from a psychological review of the Israeli army’s violent behaviour in the way it conducts itself with the Palestinians, as reported in 2007 in Haaretz and in the Guardian/Observer. Excerpts:

    “… Yishai-Karin, in an interview with Haaretz, described how her research came out of her own experience as a soldier at an army base in Rafah in the Gaza Strip. She interviewed 18 ordinary soldiers and three officers whom she had served with in Gaza. The soldiers described how the violence was encouraged by some commanders. One soldier recalled: ‘After two months in Rafah, a [new] commanding officer arrived… So we do a first patrol with him. It’s 6am, Rafah is under curfew, there isn’t so much as a dog in the streets. Only a little boy of four playing in the sand. He is building a castle in his yard. He [the officer] suddenly starts running and we all run with him. He was from the combat engineers.

    ‘He grabbed the boy. I am a degenerate if I am not telling you the truth. He broke his hand here at the wrist, broke his leg here. And started to stomp on his stomach, three times, and left. We are all there, jaws dropping, looking at him in shock…

    ‘The next day I go out with him on another patrol, and the soldiers are already starting to do the same thing.”

    Yishai-Karin concluded that the main reason for the soldiers’ violence was a lack of training. She found that the soldiers did not know what was expected of them and therefore were free to develop their own way of behaviour. The longer a unit was left in the field, the more violent it became. The Israeli soldiers, she concluded, had a level of violence which is universal across all nations and cultures. If they are allowed to operate in difficult circumstances, such as in Gaza and the West Bank, without training and proper supervision, the violence is bound to come out.

    … The soldiers described dozens of incidents of extreme violence. One recalled an incident when a Palestinian was shot for no reason and left on the street. ‘We were in a weapons carrier when this guy, around 25, passed by in the street and, just like that, for no reason – he didn’t throw a stone, did nothing – bang, a bullet in the stomach, he shot him in the stomach and the guy is dying on the pavement and we keep going, apathetic. No one gave him a second look,’ he said.

    … The soldiers developed a mentality in which they would use physical violence to deter Palestinians from abusing them. One described beating women. ‘With women I have no problem. With women, one threw a clog at me and I kicked her here [pointing to the crotch], I broke everything there. She can’t have children. Next time she won’t throw clogs at me. When one of them [a woman] spat at me, I gave her the rifle butt in the face. She doesn’t have what to spit with any more.”

    • ColinWright
      August 12, 2012, 4:22 am

      “Insight into a diseased mentality from a psychological review of the Israeli army’s violent behaviour…”

      And here I was thinking I’d so demonized Israel that nothing they could do would shock me.

      …Obviously, I lack imagination. They’re actually worse than I thought.

      What I find significant is not so much that the incidents happened, but that these are drawn from interviews with a total of twenty one soldiers, apparently openly conducted by an Israeli psychologist, and that the soldiers felt no need to avoid describing these incidents. That means not only that such behavior occurs, but that it occurs routinely, and it is considered acceptable.

      One always departs into what sounds like hyperbole at this point — but I don’t think it is. Israel is a profoundly evil place. It needs to be shut down.

      • OlegR
        August 12, 2012, 7:05 am

        First read the original article then make generalizations

      • Walid
        August 12, 2012, 1:49 pm

        Oleg, the Haaretz article is 10 times more damning of the Israelis’ vicious behaviour that the short Guardian/Observer summary I posted. It goes into more detail and describes probable causes why the Israeli military is so vicious. What are your feelingss about the Haaretz version?

      • Mooser
        August 12, 2012, 7:54 pm

        “What are your feelingss about the Haaretz version?”

        Oh, Oleg is thinking: ‘Why, we’re tough, and so smart, if there was only a couple billion more of us Jews, we could rule the world!
        Oleg, you better get your sister busy if that dream is to be fulfilled.

      • Mooser
        August 12, 2012, 7:57 pm

        “Oleg, the Haaretz article is 10 times more damning of the Israelis’ vicious behaviour that the short Guardian/Observer summary I posted.”

        And Oleg reads it, and thinks it vindicates the Israelis!! If Oleg was an album, he’d bounce the needle right off the turntable. He’s so warped.

      • OlegR
        August 13, 2012, 5:33 am

        /What are your feelingss about the Haaretz version?/

        That i am glad i didn’t serve in the Hermesh battalions during the first

      • Citizen
        August 13, 2012, 9:17 am

        @ Walid
        Mmmm, imagine a Coen Bros movie based on Yishai-Karin’s stories. What would it be called, A Serious Woman? Imagine the yiddish fable at the start of it. Gives a new meaning to Job. He’s not in the belly of the whale, just in uniform, getting his duty done. What a guy! Same rabbis in the new movie, I imagine. Same soup-slurpers too.

    • American
      August 13, 2012, 2:53 am

      “”Yishai-Karin concluded that the main reason for the soldiers’ violence was a lack of training. She found that the soldiers did not know what was expected of them and therefore were free to develop their own way of behaviour.”” >>>>>

      Bull fricking shit…lack of training and discipline is a problem for the IDF ….BUT soldiers that go out and attack children for the hell of it GOT IT FROM THEIR UNBRINGING -PARENTS- AND COMMUNITY that taught them Palestine are animals.
      THAT is not NORMAL even for soldiers who never had even a fucking half hour of military training.

      “”The longer a unit was left in the field, the more violent it became. The Israeli soldiers, she concluded, had a level of violence which is universal across all nations and cultures.”>>>>>>>>

      Absolute BULLSHIT excuse. Compare the number of incidents of US military members caught committing unnecessary killngs and violence. Count them up in Iraq and Afghan ..and ALSO factor in the difference of the US troops being engaged with opponents who ARE ARMED versus IDF armed troops who never face anything more serious than a stone thrower…and see how astoundingly more prevalent it is in the IDF. It’s a weekly, even daily thing with the IDF.

      A young soldier doesn’t know he’s not expected to not break a child’s arm or shoot a man walking down the street in the stomach?

      Yishai-Karin can shoved this Israeli hasbara up her @ss.

      • Citizen
        August 13, 2012, 9:24 am

        @ American
        Yes, and also, what happened to the Jewish notion that they were of higher moral and ethical quality than others? The nation of priests, made to repair the world, the light onto the nations?

      • American
        August 13, 2012, 12:22 pm

        These IDF excuse makers continue to astound me.
        Who? who,who, who, what, what, what kind of person, in a war or not, injures a child or shoots someone *just for the hell of it? *
        What makes a person like that like that?
        They got that evil from somewhere.
        Either from their upbringing or the enviroment they are in….and if it’s in the enviroment of the IDF, it still got brought into the IDF by people who brought it with them from their upbringing or enviroment outside the army.
        Yea, your enviroment can affect you, can dull your sense of right and wrong as in the weak people who took part in torture and the lax discpline in the torture prisons of Iraq…but still, the instigators of that brought that trait or attitude with them ‘into the army’ from their own personal backgrounds. The army and the enviroment just let them act it out.

      • piotr
        August 13, 2012, 5:12 pm

        Alternatively, it is the training that allows soldiers to beat up kids and others. Military morale is very different from morality.

  5. annie
    August 11, 2012, 7:34 pm

    here’s a run down on more abuse in beit ummar. the village has been hit particularly hard.
    Arrests of Palestinian children– ‘a boy in leg irons’ — is becoming a big story in UK

    The Palestine Solidarity Project (PSP) has been documenting the crackdown on the non violent resistance movement in Beit Ommar village since 2006. Nearby settlements have been seizing Beit Ommar’s lands, and the village has sought to protest.

    lots more at the post plus photos

  6. Walid
    August 12, 2012, 1:52 pm

    Another story of criminals getting away with murder, from the Daily Star:

    Israel sniper gets 45 days jail for killing Gaza women
    August 12, 2012 04:28 PM

    JERUSALEM: An Israeli soldier faces a 45-day jail term for the killing of two Gaza women carrying a white flag, under a plea bargain with a military court on Sunday, the army and local media said.

    The sniper, identified by Israeli media as “staff sergeant S,” was charged with manslaughter in 2010 over the fatal shooting of 64-year-old Riyeh Abu Hajaj and her daughter Majda Abu Hajaj, 37, during Israel’s 22-day war in the Gaza Strip that started in late December 2008.

    But the Israeli military said the charge had on Sunday been reduced from manslaughter to using a weapon illegally.

    • annie
      August 12, 2012, 2:18 pm

      that is grotesque walid. i’ll never get used to this. never.

      • CloakAndDagger
        August 12, 2012, 2:19 pm

        And I continue to hate despite my best efforts.

      • Walid
        August 13, 2012, 1:40 am

        C & D, they keep going out of their way to be hated, it helps to maintain the 2000-year persecution narrative. But it’s working. What other country could come up with such a bogus murder alibi as “using a weapon illegally”?

      • Citizen
        August 13, 2012, 9:27 am

        @ Walid
        The former Nazi regime could come up with “using a weapon illegally” in such a situation–and it did.

      • American
        August 13, 2012, 12:32 pm

        The nazis didn’t even recongize ‘illegal’ killing , as far as they were concerned it was all legal.
        Israel seems a inch from considering all their killings of Palestines legal too.

      • MHughes976
        August 13, 2012, 5:23 pm

        Could you be persuaded that your feeling is one of indignation rather than hatred? They are saying that Palestinian nationalism is founded on hatred, but if we say that it is founded in part on indignation that would convey a truth.

      • CloakAndDagger
        August 13, 2012, 8:32 pm

        Okay, let me retract my “I hate” statement and replace it with the following:

        I loathe, detest, abhor, and view with complete disdain, the abomination known as Israel.

        Hey! You are right! This feels much better!

      • ColinWright
        August 14, 2012, 3:20 am

        “The nazis didn’t even recongize ‘illegal’ killing , as far as they were concerned it was all legal.
        Israel seems a inch from considering all their killings of Palestines legal too.”

        The only real distinction is that while the Nazis were at war with everyone who objected to their behavior in the first place, Israel is a small nation that is completely dependent on the approval of others and so has to stop just short of doing the same thing openly.

        However, it’s really okay. Everyone knows that. At last report, Captain R had been restored to his rightful place on the promotion roster, was awarded compensation for his suffering, and was still in good standing with the IDF.

  7. ColinWright
    August 14, 2012, 3:27 am

    “…They are saying that Palestinian nationalism is founded on hatred, but if we say that it is founded in part on indignation that would convey a truth.”

    So what if Palestinian Nationalism is ‘founded on hatred’? Lots of nationalisms have been ‘founded on hatred.’

    The Dutch nation was born out of the extremely savage wars with the Spanish. Napoleon’s occupations and annexations jump-started German nationalism. I imagine you could show Polish nationalism as a popular phenomenon arose in response to Russian oppression. Irish nationalism obviously owed a great deal to the Protestant ascendency. The Zionists themselves make no bones about their movement arising in response to antisemitism.

    So if the Palestinians come to hate the oppressor, and become a nation thereby, they won’t be the first.

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