Mayor Barkat– he who sows discrimination will reap a lynchmob

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Barkat protest
Barkat protest

At Facebook, from Ofer Nieman (Hebrew at the link), a demonstration against the man who is Judaizing Jerusalem:

“Barkat, he who sows discrimination will reap a lynch mob”

Solidarity activists disrupt Jerusalem municipality session, chaired by Mayor Nir Barkat, a pillar of discrimination on all levels against Jerusalem’s Palestinian residents. Barkat’s statements reflect a view of Palestinians as a demographic threats. This racism underlies the mob attacks on Palestinian youths in central West Jerusalem. 

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ot Phil, Mondo team. Pounded the Rehm team about the Israeli court decision about the Corrie case..facebook, emails, at their site. You never know if polite and not polite pounding may work. Any way about one half hour into the Diane Rehm International hour Diane brings up the decision. Think you are going to want to listen. Asking the Rehm Team to have Cindy and Craig on? Diane would love them. So honorable so honest.… Read more »

In two hours this week Diane Rehm has mentioned the Syrian refugees more times than she ever mentioned the Iraqi refugees created by the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 9 years of her programs about Iraq. Telling when the U.S. creates an extremely serious refugee problem no big deal with Assad does it we hear about it endlessly. All refugee situations are not created equal