The issues that matter– in NY’s state senate

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I received the following email from the spokesperson for a Republican state senator from Brooklyn who is traveling to Israel this week to support the “right” of Jews to build in the West Bank. Note that he is accompanied by a candidate for Congress.

State Senator David Storobin (R-Brooklyn) today invited his Democratic challenger, Simcha Felder (D-Brooklyn), to join the Senator on his trip to Israel next week. …

“My Democratic opponent has tried to smear me wrongfully in the courts and to distract the people from the issues that matter,” said Storobin. “I want to end this political bickering. It doesn’t help; it only hurts. That’s why I am inviting my challenger to join me in Israel next week. I hope my invitation shows that, despite our differences, we agree that the defense of Israel is of critical importance.”

Also accompanying the Senator on the trip is Council Member Dan Halloran (R-Whitestone), a candidate for Congress in the Sixth District of Queens.

Oh and from the news release announcing Storobin’s travels:

“We must come together to protect Israel, our country’s most devoted ally and the biblical homeland of the Jewish people,” Storobin said. “Jews have the right to build and live in all of Israel. The President, and many Democrats, do not understand this. For me, this trip isn’t political, it’s personal.”

“Israel is in more danger today than ever before,” Storobin said. “All Americans must show their support for Israel and the Jewish people.”

If it’s personal, not political, then why are you talking about it in a political race? Maybe just keep your wacky religious ideas to yourself?

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All American ‘must’ show their support? no, they are not pawns in your game, nor should they be dragooned into endless wars by the likes of Israeli firsters like you. All Americans should make up their own minds on the matter, not be told by people in the pay of… Read more »

Oh, it gets far worse. Here is the Democratic primary in New York, from Grace Meng grovelling on the floor for acceptance. This is the de facto middle ground for a ‘liberal’ anno 2012 in America. Excerpts: Although I truly believe President Barack Obama has had good intentions in his… Read more »

It is impossible to be too kosher which tells us where this “debate” is headed.

Another Israel first speech to include in my time capsule I’m burying in the back yard.
Maybe by the time it’s dug up the US will have been officially renamed Greater Israel and it won’t seem so strange to following generations after all.

Oh I hope to read about more people like these pronouncing their adulation for Israel! I want it to be a torrential gush of adoration and praise for Israel and its “right” to annex any land it chooses and displace the natives. I want them to repeat over and over… Read more »