In attacking Romney, Democratic p.r. firm embraces ‘pro-Israel necons’

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I’m on the mailing list of Rabinowitz-Dorf, which works for the Democratic Party (and which was hired to help rehabilitate the Democratic-Party-affiliated Center for American Progress when it got into trouble for running pieces criticizing the Israel lobby). And here are two recent communications from my friend there:

Hey, As we end the GOP convention and start thinking about the DNCC, I wanted to remind you about the person who nominated Romney to this position: Gov. John Sununu. Governor Sununu was probably… the most anti-Israel Governor in US history. It’s pretty notable. I mean, imagine if Obama was nominated by someone even close to as unsupportive of Israel as Sununu. Below is a brief reminder [link to Jewish Week] of why Sununu is infamous among the pro-Israel community.

And last week my friend at Rabinowitz-Dorf hopped on a rumor about Romney’s foreign policy choices. Note that in doing so, Rabinowitz-Dorf sided with neoconservatism.

Thought you would be interested in today’s report that [former World Bank president Robert] Zoellick “is seen as very likely” to be Romney’s pick for Secretary of State. As a reminder, this is the same pick that raised questions for Romney because his “selection of James Baker protege Zoellick to key [campaign] foreign policy slot is pitting the ‘realists’ of George H.W. Bush against the pro-Israel ‘neo-Cons’ of his son.”

The emails reflect a core characteristic of the Israel lobby. It transcends party, it is more powerful than either party in its policy area. Neither party dares run against it. Dershowitz calls Obama “Neville Chamberlain” and still gets a meeting with him– because Obama needs Dersh. And meantime, Bill Kristol can brag to a liberal Upper West Side Jewish audience that he helped purge “Arabists” from the Republican Party and he gets no grief for that; no, because neocons are pro-Israel…

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The power of the Israel Lobby over both main US parties would not mean anything except that it puts a tiny foreign state at the head of US foreign policy in the most globally strategic area in the world, the Middle East. It’s amazing to me that most Americans are… Read more »

yet in 1956 when president eisenhower demanded that the israeli-french-british invading forces pull back from the suez canal, and again in 1992 when president bush the elder hinted that israel firsters might be somewhat less than patriotic, opinion polls during those episodes indicated that there was overwhelming public support for… Read more »

Funny, too, considering commuter and passersby comments per to NY ads about Israel’s theft of Palestinian land. One said he thought the issue was settled in the 1970s…indicting media for failing to inform better the public. Another called it antisemitic. Laughable almost. The charge is leveled so much it’s becoming… Read more »

Did Sununu mention UN resolution 242 to get that label placed on him? Phil I am not known for correct spelling or grammer..but did you mean to spell neocon necon?

ot On Democracy Now on Friday they focused quite a bit on Karl Rove $ Adelson. DN’s camera person caught Rove up in Adelson’s box at the Republican convention. Craig Unger and Rove went a few rounds and Amy tried to interview one of the Koch brothers. Rove is such… Read more »