Ridicule of Netanyahu at UNGA won’t quit

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There are some great Bibi Netanyahu parodies over at 972. Two of the more inspired:

Constantin Lauri
“About here, there’s no more chips. Just air.” by Constantin Lauri
Amir Schiby version
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972 also has an apt critique of the meme culture and this Netanyahu stuff. After all, the New Yorker then had Netanyahu choose which three of the cartoons were his favorite. So much for opening up a venue for free speech. From Noam Sheizaf at +972: ‘[The memes] serve as Netanyahu’s echo chamber, they divert attention from the real issues at hand and they disguise political desperation as internet-activism. Memes shouldn’t be more than inside… Read more »

Ok, I thought I must be wrong and nothing can top this visually as the ultimate photo of the year in politics, but I do love the second. Perfect. Although yes, the first is funny too.

This one ties it all together:

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With apologies to anyone who noted this before, Mark Perry’s The Entebbe Option is the clearest statement of just how the US Military intend to handle any Iran strike by Netanyahu. The language couldn’t be clearer. The tag is definitive: Israel is on its own, and the US will stop Israel. Netanyahu has lost the US Military. Period.

Given the contempt in which the UN is held in Israel I was surprised that Netanyahu bothered to speak there.