Students slam controversial UC ‘campus climate report’ on Palestine solidarity activism

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Read the report (pdf) for yourself and sign the petition asking UC President Yudof to table the report. Learn more about the history of anti-Palestinian censorship at the University of California here.

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How can a full picture of the conflict be discussed on campus in an intellectual mannor when pro-Israeli, pro-Zionists are shouted down? This shows that the pursute of the truth is no concern to pro-Palestinian activists who fear intectual dialogue as their positions are often shown to be leaky, very leaky. Instead of facing of with the other side with debate, they revert to violence. And those who shout the loudest are usually on the… Read more »

thank you rebecca, and thanks for all your activism. i linked to your impressive article in our coverage of the calif legislation here (‘criticism keeps mounting’).

and a shout out to alex for excellent WBAI coverage.

The Cali-Zios got what they wanted and soon they’ll get what they asked for. They wanted their day in state court and in the court of public opinion to “prove” that Zionism is unassailable, that it’s finished business. Good. They’ll be disappointed to learn that Zionist ideology is more open for debate in America than ever before, and that it will remain open. The louder they whine to UC administrators, California State Legislators and judges… Read more »