Ceasefire terms are almost identical to those after Cast Lead 4 years ago

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Gaza Assault and Ceasefire

Israeli’s Gaza assault: How the week unfolded
BETHLEHEM (Ma‘an) 22 Nov — From the first moments after Israel’s assassination last week of a top Hamas commander, Ma’an journalists in the Gaza Strip and the occupied West Bank reported on the crisis in real time. Below is their minute-by-minute coverage of the deadly assault as it unfolded over eight days until ending Wednesday as Egypt brokered a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. Taken together, the more than 800 individual news updates — most of them reported by journalists and witnesses on the ground — make up the most extensive account compiled so far of the events as they happened in the Gaza Strip.
Day 1: Israel assassinates Hamas commander, factions respond
The first eight Palestinians die in violence that begins with Israel’s assassination of a top Hamas commander, Ahmad al-Jaabari, sparking retaliatory rocket fire toward Israeli targets.
Day 2: Death toll reaches 19 after UN fails to take action on crisis
Warplanes pound the Gaza Strip, killing at least 11 Palestinians, as foreign journalists struggle to get inside. Thousands attend al-Jaabari’s funeral, and Hamas promises to respond to his assassination….

Gaza live report: Day 8
23:59 Here ends our live report of the eighth and final day of Israel’s deadly assault on the Gaza Strip.
23:40 While Palestinians celebrate, the Israeli army is maintaining it crippled Hamas’ military capabilities.
22:23 Militants in the Gaza Strip launched 12 rockets into Israel during the hour after a ceasefire was announced, an Israeli police spokesman said.
22:22 Hamas leader Mashaal says ceasefire agreement requires opening of all Gaza’s crossings.
21:53 Hamas chief-in-exile Khalid Mashaal thanks Egypt for role in Gaza truce, says respected Palestinian demands.
21:40 Audio of celebrations in Gaza: ….

Full text: Ceasefire agreement between Israel and Gaza
Cairo (Reuters) 21 Nov — Following is the verbatim English text of the ceasefire agreement between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza that was reached Wednesday with Egyptian mediation. The text was distributed by the Egyptian presidency … A. Israel should stop all hostilities in the Gaza Strip land, sea and air including incursions and targeting of individuals. B. All Palestinian factions shall stop all hostilities from the Gaza Strip against Israel including rocket attacks and all attacks along the border. C. Opening the crossings and facilitating the movements of people and transfer of goods and refraining from restricting residents’ free movements and targeting residents in border areas and procedures of implementation shall be dealt with after 24 hours from the start of the ceasefire….

Cease-fire agreement almost identical to that reached in Operation Cast Lead
Haaretz 22 Nov by Barak Ravid — …Netanyahu received American compensation for his agreement to a cease-fire. President Obama emphasized to him that Israel has the right to self-defense if the cease-fire is violated. Obama also promised to increase U.S. military assistance to Israel, especially regarding the prevention of arms smuggling into Gaza. Obama also promised Netanyahu that he will find further funding to purchase more Iron Dome and other anti-missile systems. According to the understandings, Israel has undertaken not to launch any attacks on Gaza – by land, sea or air – and to stop the assassinations of the heads of Palestinian militant groups and not invade any Palestinian-held land … The wording of the understandings says that within 24 hours from the moment the cease-fire begins, discussions will begin about opening the border crossings between the Gaza Strip and Israel and between the Strip and Egypt, as well as about easing restrictions on the movement of people and goods. The discussions will also deal with removing the limitations on Palestinian movement in the buffer zone close to the border fence. During these talks, each of the sides can raise other issues, such as that of weapons-smuggling into Gaza.

Hamas says truce requires opening of Gaza crossings
CAIRO (Reuters) 21 Nov — Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal said a deal to end fighting between Israel and Palestinian groups in Gaza stipulates that all of the Palestinian territory’s crossings must be opened, disputing what he described as Israeli assertions to the contrary. “The (ceasefire) document stipulates the opening of the crossings, all the crossings, and not just Rafah,” Meshaal told a news conference in Cairo.

Video: Gaza ceasefire comes into effect
21 Nov — Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have taken to the streets to celebrate a a ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas. The truce, which followed negotiations in Egypt, was reached following eight days of bombardments by both sides. More than 160 Palestinians and five Israelis lost their lives in the violence. Al Jazeera’s Stefanie Dekker reports.!

UN puts death toll in Gaza conflict at 145, with 10,000 Gazans currently in emergency shelters
22 Nov — The UN’s Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has released a situation report on the conflict in Gaza, saying that 140 Palestinians have been killed since the Israeli assault began (90 of them are civilians, OCHA says). Five Israelis have also been killed. The number of people injured since November 14, according to OCHA, stands at 1,202 Palestinians and 219 Israelis. More than 200 houses have been destroyed or severely damaged in Gaza, and 10,000 people are currently being hosted in emergency shelters. You can find the full report here.

Video: Gaza resident sees ceasefire as victory for Palestinians
22 Nov — Al Jazeera just spoke with Rana Baker, a resident of Gaza City, who sees the ceasefire as a victory for Palestinians, as it forced Israel to deal with Hamas, a party that it considers to be a “terrorist organisation”.

Video: Al Jazeera’s Nisreen El Shamayleh gauges Israeli reaction to the ceasefire
Jerusalem 22 November 00:54

Sderot residents protest against ceasefire
Ynet 22 Nov –  Some 50 Sderot residents protested against the ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas. “We will no longer be the backyard of the State of Israel,” they chanted, and demanded an IDF ground invasion in Gaza. Similar protests took place on Wednesday in Kiryat Malachi and Ashkelon.,7340,L-4310314,00.html

Gaza diary: Countdown to a cease-fire / Abeer Ayyoub
Haaretz 21 Nov 22:30 — Gaza journalist describes the treacherous last 24 hours before Hamas and Israel agreed to halt fire; until now, 10,000 Gazans have been internally displaced — …Awaiting the relatively good news, I headed to a restaurant on the coast to have dinner before I go home. 7:00 P.M., 8:00 P.M., 8:30 P.M., I was desperately counting. 9:00 P.M., now and guess what? Israel started a new round of violent raids hitting the entire Gaza strip from north to south. “The cease-fire was delayed till tomorrow,” the restaurant screen showed.  More than thinking of how inadequate this was, I was mainly worried about one thing, I’m caught in the crossfire again. Like the first day of the offensive, I couldn’t go back home because of the intensive bombing all over the city.  I left to my sister’s house nearby and stayed there the whole night … The bombing didn’t stop for a moment and more than it was too noisy to sleep, I was too scared to sleep. Naval ships, F16s along with artillery tanks were hitting everywhere. So close to the sea, I was expecting a missile from a naval ship at any moment. Contrary to my expectations, an F16 hit a building very close to my bedroom, things on the sideboards fell all over the floor making it scarier.

2 killed in airstrikes as deal announced
GAZA CITY (Ma‘an) 21 Nov — Israel launched deadly airstrikes across the Gaza Strip late Wednesday, as Egypt’s foreign minister announced a ceasefire to end eight days of violence.  Missiles fired by an unmanned drone slammed into Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip around 7:30 p.m., killing a teenager and critically injuring another. Medical sources identified the teenager as 14-year-old Nadir Abu Mugheiseeb. Another person was injured in the attack. Another airstrike killed a Palestinian in Gaza City’s Sheikh Radwan neighborhood.  Six people were also wounded in a separate airstrike on Gaza City, a Ma‘an reporter said.
The latest deaths and injuries came as the Egypt’s foreign minister announced a ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinians during a news conference in Cairo with the US secretary of state Hilary Clinton. Mohamed Kamel Amr said the ceasefire would come into effect at 9 p.m.

Report: 2-year-old Palestinian boy killed in IAF strike
Ynet 21 Nov –  Palestinian sources in the Gaza Strip reported that a two-year-old boy was killed in an Air Force strike. The French AFP news agency reported that its offices, which are in the building that was bombed, were damaged from the blast. The French Foreign Ministry said in response that journalists covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must be protected. “They endanger their lives when blasts rock the city.”,7340,L-4310030,00.html

AP: Our offices, Al-Jazeera offices hit in airstrike
Ynet 21 Nov — An AP correspondent reported that the news agency’s offices in Gaza and those of al-Jazeera were hit in an IDF airstrike. The reporter said that one of the buildings was on fire.,7340,L-4309569,00.html

Gaza journalists defiant in face of attacks
GAZA CITY (Al Jazeera) 22 Nov by Nour Samaha – Despite being targeted by Israeli missiles for being “Hamas operatives”, Palestinians say they will continue to report — The targeting of local journalists in Gaza has been seen as the Israeli government’s latest attempt at preventing the broadcasting of what many Palestinians consider to be the achievements of their resistance against Israeli aggression … Mohammad Thouraya, head of the al-Aqsa television channel, disagreed with the Israeli statement, saying “we are not the voice of Hamas. We are the voice of the Palestinian people, the voice of the resistance”. Despite the threat of being targeted, Thouraya met with Al Jazeera to explain the role al-Aqsa plays in Gaza, and the precautions employees take as a result of Israeli attacks.

Photos: Bus bombing in central Tel Aviv; at least 17 wounded
972mag 21 Nov by Dimi Reider — At least seventeen people were wounded, two of them seriously, when a bomb blew up in a bus in central Tel Aviv earlier today. This was the first bus bombing in the city since 2006, and although several armed groups voiced support for the bombing, Israeli police were cautious not to assign direct responsibility even hours after the attack. Uncharacteristically for a conflict area more than accustomed to suicide bombings, the bomb appears to have been left on the bus and set off some time after the bomber or bombers left the vehicle. Police described the attack as ‘amateur-like’.

12 rockets fired on Israel since truce takes effect
Ynet 21 Nov 22:17 — Twelve rockets were fired from Gaza towards Israel since 9 pm, when a ceasefire between Israel and Gaza was set to take effect.,7340,L-4310271,00.html

Airstrike kills 2nd Palestinian since ceasefire announced
GAZA CITY (Ma‘an) 21 Nov 21:19 — An Israeli airstrike killed a second Palestinian in the immediate aftermath of Egypt’s announcement of a ceasefire between Israel and armed groups in Gaza late Wednesday.

Video: Fearing missile strikes, Gaza families evacuate homes
20 Nov — Many Palestinians in Gaza are fleeing their homes after Israel told them they would not be safe if they remained. The message was sent via leaflets to Palestinians living along the border. Prior to those pamphlets being dropped, Al Jazeera’s Casey Kauffman spent time with one family whose home is in northern Gaza. He sends us this report. “really there is no safe place”

Gaza’s victims too young to understand, but not too young to die
CNN 20 Nov by Tom Watkins — On Monday, the team of grave diggers at Shaikh Radwan Cemetery in Gaza City prepared 15 graves, their busiest morning yet. And they’re preparing for more. One of the slots was for 5-year-old Yusif Al-Dalou. He and eight members of his family were killed Sunday in an Israeli airstrike on their home. Their bodies were carried through the street to the sound of gunfire under Hamas banners to the cemetery. After the crowd left and the chanting stopped, friends and relatives prayed quietly.

Video: Gaza doctor loses a son
CNN 21 Nov — Arwa Damon reports on the anguish of a doctor in Gaza who has consoled grieving parents after the death of his own son.

The view from Gaza’s nonstop ER
GAZA (Al-Akhbar) 20 Nov by Sanaa Kamel — Al-Akhbar visits Al-Shifaa Hospital to bring us the human faces behind the tragedy — he waiting room of Al-Shifaa hospital in Gaza is filled with wailing mothers cradling the mangled bodies of their children, and distraught families calling out for doctors they hope can still save their loved ones. Frightened and confused young children scurry from corner to corner, fleeing the crowds spilling in … A young girl covered in blood sits in the corner next to the entrance. Her small head is wrapped in white gauze bandages, and she is looking around in terror and astonishment. She watches the entrance as if waiting for someone she knows to explain to her what happened. “I was at home, and suddenly, a wall fell on my head,”she says. “I woke up when the paramedic was carrying me to the ambulance. I saw the body of a martyr and several other children I did not know. Then they brought me to the hospital.” As she finishes speaking, she catches sight of someone she knows. “My brother, my brother!” she shouts, running towards him where he lay. But he is dead, killed in the raid that targeted the Awdeh home in al-Zaytoun neighborhood in Gaza City. Her uncle sees her and tries to calm her, but she is screaming.

Steal what you will from the blueness of the sea and the sand of memory / Yasmeen El Khoudary
Al Jazeera 21 Nov — The world should start looking at our cause with its brains and not with its donations — Our house started shaking as I was in the middle of writing this article. After it stopped shaking, an Israeli missile hit a target elsewhere in the city. Given all of the shaking before that missile hit, the target is now probably flattened to the ground. A few minutes later, ambulance sirens filled the air. An eerie feeling of death filled the air we breathed for the past week … History keeps repeating itself in this part of the world, and so does life and death. A few days before the current Israeli attacks on Gaza started, the Abu Atta family witnessed their son Matar die and live again in less than two hours. Shocked at the brutal assassination of her 19-year-old son by the Israeli forces, his pregnant mother went into labour early, giving birth to a son she would now name Matar.

Analysis / Opinion

When the smoke clears in Gaza / Yousef Munayyer
New Yorker 19 Nov — Over the course of a twenty-three-day campaign four years ago, Israel embarked on ‘Operation Cast Lead’ to end projectile fire from Gaza … Yet the resistance was not broken; this time, projectiles reached Tel Aviv. What is most disturbing is the way that the Israeli leadership has taken to seeing this not as a failure, but as a lifestyle. In Israel, they talk of ‘mowing the lawn’ in Gaza, a callous idiom used to refer to the periodic bombardment of a besieged territory in the hopes of reducing the capacity of militant groups every few years. Every time they ‘mow’, however, they sow the seeds of hatred for the next generation. How successful, morally or militarily, is a war whose repetition is planned? At best, the idea of ‘mowing the lawn’ exposes a profound absence of long-term strategic thinking.

Relief at Gaza ceasefire can’t mask its frailty / Crispian Balmer
Ma‘an 22 Nov — …Palestinians and Israelis alike were relieved that their eight-day conflict had come to an end without a bloody invasion of the Gaza Strip. But on both sides there was a foreboding that their ceasefire might not last very long … On the face of it, both Israel and Hamas, which rules Gaza, can draw positive conclusions at the end of a brutal clash that killed over 170 Palestinians, including more than 30 children, and five Israelis. Although Hamas lost its top military commander and suffered serious hits to its infrastructure and weaponry, it has nonetheless emerged with its reputation in the Arab world significantly enhanced and its standing at home embellished. Israel can take comfort from the fact it dealt painful blows to its enemy, found a way to work with the Islamist leadership of Egypt, and showed that it can defend itself from a barrage of incoming missiles with its high-tech Iron Dome interceptor.

Gaza ceasefire a critical moment for the US / Kimberly Halkett
Al Jazeera 22 Nov — The ceasefire between Hamas and Israel is now in effect. In Washington speak, the agreement is being hailed as an important “first step” toward “de-escalating” tensions and working toward a more “durable” solution for peace. That more durable solution has, so far, not included any specifics on how the siege on Gaza might be lifted – only that the blockade is to be eased. Still, this agreement is significant … Morsi’s diplomatic efforts to bring about a ceasefire seem to have reaffirmed Egypt’s role as a key regional broker … This ceasefire, however, is even more striking, given that the agreement, brokered by the US, involved Hamas, a group the US has no direct diplomatic relations with and has labeled a “terrorist” organisation. Never mind the fact that Hamas, which controls Gaza, was democratically elected in the 2006 Palestinian legislative elections. The US and its international partners had tried to isolate Hamas, following those elections, in an attempt to sideline the organisation. This new agreement signals that the opposite now appears to have occurred. If anything, the standing of Hamas has, at least for now, been lifted.

To Gaza I did not go / Gideon Levy
Haaretz 22 Nov — I am a little journalist who partially misappropriates his role and betrays his mission. Granted, I do run around the south, between the sites of destruction and traumatized residents. On hearing a siren I lay on the ground and cover my head with my hands, or find dubious refuge in some children’s clothes shop. I even gaze at Gaza from the highest hilltop in Sderot, but to Gaza I do not go, about its suffering I do not report. And as it is with me, so it is with every Israeli journalist.  The last time I was in Gaza was in November 2008. I reported then on an Israeli missile that hit the children of the Indira Gandhi nursery and killed their kindergarten teacher in front of their eyes. That was my last story from Gaza. Since then Israel has banned Israeli journalists from entering the Strip, and the journalists accepted this with typical obedience and subservience.
That’s how it is that Israel knows almost nothing about what is happening in Gaza. Somebody is making sure of that … One needs to know what is happening in Gaza in order to know what is happening in Israel. Journalism that fails to do so, and doesn’t even protest, is conscripted hasbara.

Palestinian funerals are not militant pageantry / Rania Khalek
21 Nov — Palestinians love their children and want them to live just like the rest of us. I shouldn’t have to say this, but I feel it’s necessary following a New York Times piece by Jodi Rudoren critiquing the funeral held for members of the Dalou family killed in a single Israeli airstrike on Gaza, four of who were small children between the ages of one and six. Rudoren is the New York Times  Jerusalem bureau chiefFrom beginning to end, the piece is packed with racially loaded buzzwords that reflect common negative stereotypes westerners hold about arabs and muslims. The trouble begins in the opening sentence:

Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ deflects deadly barrage / Gregg Carlson
Sderot, Israel (Al Jazeera) 21 Nov — Defence shield has proven effective against Palestinian rocket barrage, but two deaths show it is not perfect — This town in southern Israel has become most synonymous with rocket fire over the past decade: More than 8,000 rockets have landed here, killing 12 people and causing millions of dollars in damage. The Israeli government has spent some $150m to build a network of bomb shelters across the town – a cost of more than $6,000 per resident. But the situation has changed over the last 18 months, ever since Israel’s “Iron Dome” missile defence system went online in mid-2011. David Bouskila, the mayor of Sderot, said just “two or three” rockets have landed since the system became operational. The system has undoubtedly been a tactical success. Palestinian rockets have become far less effective at causing casualties and damage. Equally important, though, the Iron Dome has shifted the already skewed balance of power between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza. Military analysts say it has further insulated Israel from the costs of its military operations – reducing demands for a ground invasion, but also lowering the barrier to future bombing of the occupied territories.

International law, the Gaza war, and Palestine’s state of exception / Mark LeVine & Lisa Hajjar
Al Jazeera 21 Nov — The large-scale military assault launched by Israel on Gaza, and the manner in which both Israeli and Palestinian forces are fighting this war, raise numerous red flags regarding large scale violations of human rights and international humanitarian law (IHL). Such violations have long characterised the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; yet despite post-Cold War improvements in the enforceability of international criminal law, in the Israeli-Palestinian context those who perpetrate human rights violations and war crimes seem largely immune to legal accountability … International law impacts the present war in Gaza in two key ways. One pertains to whether the violence deployed by each side complies with or violates IHL, in particular the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and their Additional Protocol I of 1977. The other, more complicated issue pertains to the legal status of Gaza and its relationship to Israel, which profoundly affects what kind of violence Israel can deploy there.

In Gaza conflict, fighting with weapons and postings on Twitter / Noam Cohen
NYTimes 21 Nov — You furnish the pictures, the American press baron boasted a century ago, as the story goes, and I’ll furnish the war. The violent conflict in Gaza between Hamas and Israel, halted after a cease-fire agreed to on Wednesday, has certainly produced powerful images of death and suffering that have been immediately circulated through social networks, no newspaper baron needed. The Israel Defense Forces, which concluded that it had failed to explain its actions adequately during the last Gaza war, in late 2008, had extensive plans to do a better job this time, according to news accounts in Israel.

African Americans condemn Israeli war on Gaza
NEW YORK 20 Nov (WAFA) – A group of prominent African Americans condemned in a statement issued on Monday the ongoing Israeli war on the Gaza Strip. “African Americans for Justice in the Middle East and North Africa (AAJMENA) strongly condemns Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people in Gaza” said the statement … The statement denounced the position of the United States administration of Barack Obama from the Israeli aggression.”Rather than taking a stand against Israeli’s onslaught and issuing an unambiguous demand for an end to the bloodshed, the Obama administration has condemned alleged Palestinian terrorism, repeating the dishonest line that this violent attack is merely in defense of Israel…”

West Bank: Protests against the assault on Gaza / Violence / Raids / Illegal arrests / Prisoners

Israel arrests 33 Palestinians in West Bank
WEST BANK 21 Nov (WAFA) – Israeli forces Wednesday arrested 33 Palestinians from across the West Bank, according to local and security sources. They told WAFA that forces stormed the village of Hussan, west of Bethlehem, raided several Palestinian houses, tampering with their contents, and arrested nine Palestinians from the Hamamreh family. Sources said that the arrests came following confrontations that broke out Tuesday evening, during which a Jewish settler was injured by a stone thrown at her while she was passing in her car near the village, claimed the Israeli forces.
Forces also raided several houses in al-Dheisheh Refugee Camp south of Bethlehem and arrested three Palestinians age 18, in addition to two 22-year-olds.
Meanwhile, forces stormed Aida refugee camp, north of Bethlehem, and Wadi Shahin area and arrested six Palestinians, including three youths.
Israeli forces at dawn arrested three Palestinians from the Jenin area after raiding their houses and tampering with their contents. Forces also raided several greenhouses in the city of Jenin, searched them, destroying crops and causing financial loss.
In Hebron, forces arrested four Palestinians after raiding their homes, tampering with their contents….

Settlers attack 3 Palestinians, house near Nablus
NABLUS 21 Nov (WAFA) – Jewish settlers Wednesday attacked three Palestinians as well as attacked and broke the windows of a Palestinian-owned house in the town of Howara, south of Nablus, according to local sources. They said settlers from the Israeli settlement of Yitzhar attacked three Palestinians age 18, 30, and 40 while they were picking olives in an area west of the town. They added that settlers took the Palestinians to the Israeli soldiers at the nearby checkpoint, where they were arrested and taken Howara military camp. Ghassan Douglas, the in charge of settlements file at the Palestinian Authority in the northern part of the West Bank, told WAFA that settlers, following the kidnapping and the arrest of the three Palestinians, attacked a Palestinian house, surrounding it and hailing rocks at it, breaking its windows.

Israelis kill Palestinian worker in cold blood
JENIN (PIC) 21 Nov — Three Israelis abducted a Palestinian worker from his workplace in Yarka village, in 1948 occupied Akka province, on Tuesday night and killed him in cold blood. Relatives told the PIC that three Israelis took Ahmed Eid, 22, from his sleeping bed in the village to nearby groves and shot him to death just because he is a Palestinian. They said that his brother Mahmoud, who went to inquire about his brother, miraculously escaped from the Israelis but was detained by the police along with his brother’s body. They said that both brothers, from Jenin, worked in a carton factory in the village.

Israeli forces attack Palestinians protesting against war on Gaza
HEBRON 21 Nov (WAFA) – Israeli forces Wednesday clashed with Palestinians in Hebron area, protesting against the ongoing war on Gaza, according to security sources. Forces fired rubber bullets as well as tear gas canisters at the protesters to disperse them, causing several suffocation cases.
Forces also took over several roofs of Palestinians-owned houses in the town of Beit Ummar, north of Hebron, and turned them into outposts.

7 Palestinians injured in protests against war on Gaza
HEBRON 21 Nov (WAFA) – Seven Palestinians were injured, including one seriously, at the southern entrance of the town of Yatta, south of Hebron, during confrontations that erupted between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians, who protested the ongoing Israeli war on Gaza, according to a medical sources.

Hebron man seriously wounded by tear gas canister
HEBRON (Ma‘an) 21 Nov — A man from Hebron was seriously injured on Wednesday during clashes between Israeli soldiers and youths, a medical official said. Diyaa Ahmad Nasrallah Abu Ayid was hit in the eye by a tear gas canister and admitted to Al-Mizan hospital to undergo emergency surgery, the director said.

Palestinian shot during demonstration against Israeli war on Gaza
JENIN 20 Nov (WAFA) – A Palestinian Tuesday was shot and several others suffered from suffocation at al-Jalama checkpoint, northeast of Jenin, during confrontations that erupted between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians, who were demonstrating against the Israeli war on Gaza, according to local and medical sources. They said forces fired live bullets and tear gas canisters at the protesters, shooting and injuring a Palestinian and causing several suffocation cases. Forces also arrested two Palestinian youths after chasing them and took them to the al-Jalama military camp.

2 wounded in Ramallah prison protest
RAMALLAH (Ma‘an) 21 Nov — Two Palestinians were wounded in Ramallah on Wednesday during protests against Israel’s assault on Gaza, Ma‘an’s reporter said. Protesters had gathered outside Ofer, an Israeli military prison in the West Bank, to demonstrate against the ongoing Israeli offensive. Two people were hit by rubber bullets and taken to the Palestine Medical Complex with moderate injuries.

Non-violent protest in Jerusalem violently suppressed by occupation
OCCUPIED JERUSALEM (PIC) 21 Nov — Israeli police suppressed, on Tuesday, a peaceful student protest outside the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in solidarity with the Gaza Strip and against the Israeli aggression. The Palestinian students at the Hebrew University said that police forces dispersed the demonstrators and arrested four students. The Arab student bloc at the Hebrew University has announced the start of a series of events in solidarity with the Gaza Strip.
In a related context, Salah Khawaja, Ni‘lin popular committee against the apartheid wall and settlements, said that clashes erupted between Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli soldiers near the area of wall ​​construction on the territory of the town, during which occupation forces fired live ammunition.
Meanwhile, occupation forces raided on Tuesday Shuafat refugee camp in Jerusalem, and broke into one of the buildings near the main street, lading to confrontations with the camp’s youths.

Photo Blog: A martyr’s funeral in Nabi Saleh / Dylan Collins
Al-Akhbar 21 Nov — Saturday, the first martyr in the West Bank fell: thirty-one year old Rushdi Tamimi, a police officer from the small village of Nabi Saleh, in the Ramallah district of the occupied West Bank. Sunday afternoon, over 400 people turned out in Ramallah, to pay their respects to the martyr, in a funeral march back to Tamimi’s village.

Riots break out in West Bank during Operation Pillar of Defense
Haaretz 22 Nov — Palestinian police losing control in West Bank, senior IDF officer says, as dozens of violent incidents occur there ,,, The Palestinian security services have a problem of legitimacy in dealing with the disorder, but are handling matters satisfactorily in the cities, while in more rural areas they are having problems keeping order. The officer said he was worried the events might continue even after a ceasefire takes effect and Operation Pillar of Defense ends. The IDF now realizes it may be facing a new reality in the West Bank after a long period of quiet, he said.

West Bank protests: Waiting for a tipping point / Lina Alsaafin
Ramallah 21 Nov — While the Israeli codenamed “Operation Pillar of Defense” continues in Gaza, residents of the West Bank have also marked the death of three: Hamdi Fallah, 22, from Hebron; Rushdi Tamimi, 31, from the Ramallah village of Nabi Saleh; and Nabil Ahmad Nabil, 20 months, from Turmus Ayyah, a resident of Qalandiya. The indiscriminate bombing of the Gaza strip, in which entire families such as the Dallou and the Hijazi families have been killed inside their own homes, has triggered a response from the West Bank that has been unprecedented in recent years.

Sharawna and al-Issawi step up their continuous hunger strike
RAMALLAH (PIC) 21 Nov — A Human Rights organization said on Wednesday that the hunger strikers Samer al-Issawi and Ayman Sharawna started escalatory steps inside Ramle prison in 1948 occupied Palestine. Fadi Obeidat, who visited the two prisoners, confirmed that they refused to go to the clinics as an escalatory step to pressure the prison administration to respond to their demands. They also decided to drink only water without sugar and vitamins. Obeidat added that the two remaining Palestinian hunger strikers in Israeli prison are in immediate danger as their prolonged hunger strikes have led to a rapid deterioration in their health. (listserv) (archive)

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one difference in the terms of this latest truce is that egypt is to referee any disagreements. which side will this advantage? depends on whether the egyptian government responds to pressure from its own public or to the squeeze that’ll be put on it from western & gulf countries &… Read more »

The key provision is this: “Opening the crossings and facilitating the movements of people and transfer of goods and refraining from restricting residents’ free movements and targeting residents in border areas and procedures of implementation shall be dealt with after 24 hours from the start of the ceasefire.” The wording… Read more »

I agree that repeated breakdowns are likely. Hard to think of any other realistic possibility. But haven’t things changed interestingly in that Hamas now seems to be part of a diplomatic exchange recognised, to some degree organised, by the United States?

How can Beinhart publish this guy? See: Count the outright fabrications: “Hamas initiated the current round of hostilities against Israel at this particular moment not at Iran’s behest, but because it felt emboldened by the rise of Islamist allies in the region,” “Ever since it assumed control of the… Read more »

especially noteworthy is the early u.s. involvement in efforts to bring about a ceasefire. 4 years ago the fighting lasted three weeks with the u.s. only entering into the discussion after a ceasefire was established. same goes for the 3 month 1982 and 1 month 2008 u.s.-backed israeli wars upon… Read more »