Facebook group posts image of Zoabi as dangerous crocodile

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More evidence of the disturbingly racist discourse in Israel: Ofer Neiman and Sol Salbe say this image featuring the face of Haneen Zoabi, the Israeli Palestinian member of Knesset who has been barred from running for reelection, appeared on a widely-read page on Facebook (which I cannot access, url below). From Neiman:

Sol Salbe shared ‎תל אביב אחרת‎’s photo. Racist meme plays off the similarity in Hebrew between Hanin [Zoabi] and tanin (Hebrew for crocodile: Danger, Hanin.

Didi Remez: This is from a page of a substantial size in Israeli terms (126 000 followers). It’s English name is Fun Tel Aviv. I’m always amazed at our ability as a society to be shocked at cartoons with similar motifs emanating from Arab sources, screaming Gevalt and antisemitism, but not batting an eye when we encounter such phenomena here.


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And her crime, wanting a state for all its citizens irrespective of class, gender or religion. Definitely a hanging offence in Israel.

Phil, I think you may be reaching on this one. Looking at the photos on this page it’s a bunch of ‘shopped’ images of all manner of things. It seems everything is fair game. I’d leave it to the Zio’s to get all sensitive and butthurt at the slightest little thing.

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Hey, “tanin” is [marginally] better than “drugged cockroach in a bottle”. Maybe.

But why “racist” discourse? There are more instances of hanging offence of racism in “Israel” than anywhere else in the world combined, so you don’t need to call racism what is on the face of it nothing but political polemic. If I depicted a Zionist murderer, say Yahoo, as say a snake, would that be racist? Pay attention to your words.