NY mayoral hopeful Quinn urges Obama to free Pollard

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You do the math: Christine Quinn is expected to run for mayor in NY next year. She is the speaker of the NY City Council. Yesterday she released this letter calling on Obama to commute the sentence of Jonathan Pollard, the spy for Israel inside Navy Intelligence who has spent many years in prison:

Mr. Pollard has spent more than 26 years in prison for the serious crimes he committed, regarding which he has expressed great remorse,” Quinn’s letter reads. “Mr. Pollard has served a longer time in prison than many others who were found guilty of similar activity on behalf of nations that, like Israel, are our allies.”

“I know I share similar views of many past and current American elected officials, as well as Israeli leaders,” the Speaker indicates a change of times, that has become a consensuses issue, one that has united Israeli and American officials from both sides of the aisle.

“It is time for mercy,” Quinn writes the President. “Commuting the sentence of Mr. Pollard would be viewed as a great act of compassion.”
Therefore, I respectfully urge you to use your constitutional power to treat Mr. Pollard the way others have been treated by our nation’s justice system, and commute his sentence, Speaker Quinn concludes her personal letter.
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Don’t you just love the way our media encourages our politicians to sell themselves to the Israel Lobby. No money could buy such positive publicity for our grovelers.

I just emailed Speaker Quinn to let her know that she doesn’t speak for me re JJ Pollard.

I suggest others do the same, if for no other reason that to clog up her email box.

He doesn’t express remorse, he accepted the citizenship of the country he was spying for and that’s where he’d go if he’s released. That’s not remorse, that’s “I did right by the country with which my loyalties lie and I’m only sorry I got caught so soon and couldn’t give any really useful information”

When i do the math: I find that many politicians have no soul… And they did not sell their soul to the devil, they never had a soul. 0 – 0 = 0 I want to tell you my secret now… I see corrupt/evil/dumb people who call themselves politicians. ******* Cole: I want to tell you my secret now. Malcolm: Okay. Cole: I See dumb People. Malcolm: In your dreams? While you’re awake? Dumb people,… Read more »

I’m against releasing Pollard, but, as his sentence and life run down, it is a chip to use with the Israelis. Would I trade a Pollard release as part of a package for a peace treaty mutually acceptable to Israel and Palestine? Would Obama? Think of it as salve for whichever Israeli Prime Minister incurs the wrath of his right wing by reaching an end to the “peace process” short of ethnic cleansing, and it… Read more »