The clearest distillation yet of the pro-Israel argument against tonight’s BDS event at Brooklyn College

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(Image: Facebook)

Alternate title: Grammar & Punctuation are Anti-Semitic.

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mobilization sponsor: (206) 984-6038

fun. it’s a landline according to number guru.

Good grief. The lengths people will go to in order to drown out the message of justice for Palestinians is quite extraordinary. If they are trying to sabotage their own efforts at censorship they are doing a very good job. Hate speech, huh, they certainly know how to do that. You might wonder at their apoplectic fear of people hearing about the Palestinian case for equality and justice.

I called the number earlier. It was an unhinged, recorded message that kept repeating the term “Hamas Islamic Nazis.”

The saddest part of all of this is that simply saying, “Palestinians are entitled to justice and human rights and they’re being denied these things by israel” not only is this the blood-libel reaction by the morbidly and pathologically zionist people, but mainstream america (especially the media) would require you to affirm that you don’t mean this garbage that these morons are spouting.