‘Listen Mandela’ — Apartheid Land 2013

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“We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.” –Nelson Mandela

As the news of Nelson Mandela’s critical condition circulated, video artist Eitan Meir Altman uploaded a haunting video, “Welcome to Apartheid Land 2013”, onto his YouTube page. To the soundtrack of anti-Apartheid song Welele Mandela, “Listen Mandela”, Altman’s jarring ‘e-paintings’, artistic photo-renditions of scenes from Israel’s occupation and Palestinians living under it, cross the screen in vivid colors.

“Welele Mandela” is an ANC Cultural Workers’ song, author unknown. It originated in the camps of the ANC during the 1980’s. It is a call from the workers for Mandela to lead the people.

Listen comrade!
Mandela, help to fight us
against farmers who despise us
Our freedom fighters are already on the road
Hemu! Hemu!

We no longer sleep at home.
We sleep in the mountains, in the bitter cold.
Oh, what is this life best people?
Hoyiya! Hoyiya!

Get up!
Arise compatriots!
Help, our people will perish!
Javelin calls you to battle,
farmers from killing our people.
Hemu! Hemu!

Eitan Meir Altman has created an emotionally powerfully resistance video, one that will resonate until apartheid gasps its final breath.

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The image at 0:42 is from а settlement eviction Amona i think a few others looks to be
not related to Palestinians as well.
Funny people activists…

Thanks Annie, powerful video.