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‘American Idol’s Simon Cowell joins Haim Saban to help raise $20 million for the IDF

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Yup, you read that amount correctly – Twenty Million Dollars. That’s how much this year’s Friends of the IDF Western Region Gala raked in two nights ago. The event is chaired every year by billionaire Haim Saban, and was in the press least year when Stevie Wonder refused to participate at the last minute.

No such controversy this year. Lionel Richie sang to the audience of over 1,200 people. Here’s how the scene was described by the Jewish Journal blog “Hollywood Jew“:

The gala itself was uncharacteristically tame. In the past, the usually star-studded event has filled the giant ballroom at the Hyatt Regency in Century City, sometimes with upwards of 1,200 guests. Iconic musicians like Andrea Bocelli and Barbra Streisand have performed, while “Seinfeld” star Jason Alexander has dutifully emceed.

But this year, there was little of that. The venue was changed to the Hilton, which is reliable but smaller. No headlining musical act was invited to perform, though the always entertaining David Foster Wallace reprised his role as host of “FIDF Idol” an after dinner concert in which mostly up and coming talents took the stage.

Big name attendees were also scarcer this year, though Israeli mega-producer Avi Lerner was there, as was Electus founder Ben Silverman. The shiniest star in the whole lot, though, was the real “American Idol,” Simon Cowell, who sat gleaming in a corner with his very pregnant girlfriend (Jewish divorcee Lauren Silverman, with whom Cowell had an affair while she was still married) and from where he publicly pledged $50,000 to the Israel Defense Forces.

That’s right: Simon Cowell, critic extraordinaire, is officially a Zionist; and, on his way out of the gala, told me his plans to visit Israel later this year.

The video above showing Cowell singing along with Saban is making the rounds.

There were other big spenders as well. Ynet reports big donors included, “Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, president of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, who gave $4.5 million, Haim Saban, who gave $2.3 million, and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, who gave $1 million.”

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6 Responses

  1. just
    October 24, 2013, 12:10 pm

    Never liked the odious Cowell– a real puke. Now a Zionist puke.

    Why isn’t he out there raising money for the armed forces of GB?

    (Shame on Lionel Richie– glad to see that the venue and “gala” has shrunk, though)

  2. mikeo
    October 24, 2013, 12:23 pm

    though the always entertaining David Foster Wallace reprised his role as host of “FIDF Idol”

    That’s weird – he died in 2008!

  3. seafoid
    October 24, 2013, 12:32 pm

    Cowell thinks Saban can lend him his girlfriend, I bet. He’s very hard at finding them for himself.

  4. Kathleen
    October 25, 2013, 1:07 am

    Pathetic tape…But follow the money linked to the abuse.

  5. DICKERSON3870
    October 25, 2013, 1:46 pm

    RE: “‘American Idol’s Simon Cowell joins Haim Saban to help raise $20 million for the IDF”

    MY COMMENT: Lookout Iran! ! ! They’re gunning for you!

    SEE: “Haim Saban”, by Matthew Yglesias, The Atlantic, June 10, 2007

    [EXCERPT] If you’re interested in the foreign policy views of major Hillary Clinton financial backer Haim Saban, there’s no need to follow the Atrios path of attempting guilt by association with Kenneth Pollack. He [Saban] discussed his views on the Middle East and Persian Gulf region in great detail in a reasonably recent interview with ‘Haaretz’:

    “When I see Ahmadinejad, I see Hitler. They speak the same language. His motivation is also clear: the return of the Mahdi is a supreme goal. And for a religious person of deep self-persuasion, that supreme goal is worth the liquidation of five and a half million Jews. We cannot allow ourselves that. Nuclear weapons in the hands of a religious leadership that is convinced that the annihilation of Israel will bring about the emergence of a new Muslim caliphate? Israel cannot allow that. This is no game. It’s truly an existential danger.” . . .

    SOURCE –

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