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Why did AJC retweet photo of Capitol shooting? (Because the lobby needs war on terror)

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Washington Post's first foto from Capitol lockdown Oct. 3

Washington Post’s first foto from Capitol lockdown Oct. 3

Remember when police locked down the Capitol last month after a shooting? Well guess who retweeted this scary photo of the incident that afternoon? The American Jewish Committee‘s Israel lobby site, Project Interchange:

— Washington Post (@washingtonpost) October 3, 2013

Of course, the shooting turned out to involve a woman who had become unhinged. No Muslims around. But look over that AJC twitter feed. It’s all about good things happening for Israel. I get the feeling that the Israel lobby depends on the war on terror. As Rashid Khalidi said the other night in Brooklyn, the war on terror replaced the cold war as Israel’s raison-d’etre for the west, back in the early 90s.

And speaking of Islam’s threat to the west, here’s the latest propaganda from that Front Page, an Israel-loving site: Muslims are coming for your dogs. “Islamic Dog Hatred & Animal Rights Activists’ Silence”:

animal welfare [groups] are – and want to remain – blissfully ignorant of what Islam is, the threat that its growth poses to the West and in particular the danger that Islamization represents for animals.

There’s hardly any point in fighting for the advancement in the status of animals in law and public conscience when in a few decades our countries will regress to being dominated by a 7th-century cult replete with superstitions about black dogs and whose “religious” festivals are celebrated by slaughtering millions of fully-conscious animals in front of children who will quickly learn how to use a butcher’s knife.

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3 Responses

  1. pabelmont on November 8, 2013, 12:05 pm

    My, my: “when in a few decades our countries will regress to being dominated by a 7th-century cult”. Hmm, who’s “our” (as in “our countries”)? Well, OK, some or all currently non-Muslim countries.

    A little history, here.

    First, USA fights as many Islamic countries as it can (for no apparent reason), arguing that doing so makes America safer. Hunh? Then what did we need CIA-FBI-NSA for? Duh!

    Note that 9/11/2001, popularly thought to be the day of an unprovoked Al Qaida attack on the USA’s “Homeland” (as distinguished from the USA’s far-flung “interests abroad”) followed the USA’s attack on Iraq (1990-1 called Desert Storm)) and the horrible sanctions imposed on Iraq thereafter. All this kinda, sorta ticked Al Qaida off. You know, USA messing around where it did not belong, and putting its soldiers (and women dressed as soldiers, dear, dear) in Saudi Arabia, gasp!

    Next, we learn (here) that it was all for naught, all those bankrupting wars, all that NSA snooping, and why? Because in a few decades it will all be over, “our countries” will by then be ruled by Sharia Law, etc.

    Was this in the comix?

  2. Egbert on November 8, 2013, 12:42 pm

    “Of course, the shooting turned out to involve a woman who had become unhinged.”

    I’m not sure if this is meant to be sarcastic. The unhinged ones were the police who killed her. At one point into the incident, she appeared to drive through a gateway, but was stopped b bollards. Two or three police cars drove up. They could have placed their cars to block her exit. But no, their first instinct was to stop quickly as possible and to start shooting. Shots were fired in all directions and she was able to escape through the gap the imbecilic cops left.

  3. traintosiberia on November 8, 2013, 6:44 pm

    In around 600 bC,Egypt already good at chariot building ,was branching out in missile and primitive cannon manufacturing business. It was exporting to other countries and satellites but not to immediate neighbors. Local Canaanites were very vulnerable. All they had was made of woods and stones implements good for goading the herds of cows and lambs and killing small pigs. The Israeli sensed the opportunities .They made the deal that they would not agree to pay taxes or serve in infantry ,instead they either be allowed to use the new weapons or get out of the country with resources and take the the land of the Cannanites. They tried to poison the local eliteof Egypt and the Queen by comparing the primitiveness ,lack of metallirgical developments,and lack of the chariot to Egypt ‘s great achievements in those fields. They also wrote in local Papyrus journal by name Back Passage that the Cannanites might take over Egypt with the arrows and flints made of wood and stone and engulf the country on total techno.logical darkness giving them the opportunities of killing Egyian rams in front of the kids ,endangering the after life of the Pharao .

    Well it is a story .It can be expanded to explain other racial hatred generated out of Tel Aviv ‘s US corner to divert attention .

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