Contribute to Mondoweiss end of the year fundraiser and receive copy of Max Blumenthal’s ‘Goliath’

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It’s the end of the year and the time that we appeal to readers for help. Our budget comes in large part from you, our readers. Your tax-deductible contributions have allowed us to grow in size and in relevance and to begin to pay for reporting from the region. In the last year we’ve broken more stories and received more attention than ever before. A lot of that is because the American conversation about the conflict is changing. But then we’ve played our part in changing it. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today to help us continue this important work.

Blumenthal-GoliathMax Blumenthal’s book Goliath has been part of that change as well — it represents a decisive blow to the American understanding of what Israel is —  and we are offering a copy of this important book as a gift to all readers who donate $60 or more. In January we are planning a opportunity for Mondoweiss readers to engage with Blumenthal on the site where you will be able ask him questions about his reporting, the book and its reception. So be sure to read Goliath before that!

Of course you can give more than $60; we hope that you will be generous (and we may have some other premiums to unveil in days to come). We’re grateful for the incredible backing we’ve gotten from readers around the world. We’ve built this site with your help. Please think of us in the weeks to come, we really appreciate your support.


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I guess I am always complaining about Mondoweiss fundraising. First, we all got our copies of Goliath already (at least, many of us) and thus it would be nice to have more options for so-called generous gifts, like hand-made plate of Annie Robbins for donations above X. So I would list some suggestions: 1. t-shirt 2. cup (machine made) 3. mouse pad 4. cookie that prevents fundraising pop-up for the next 3 months (or 6,… Read more »

I, like Piotr have also got the book but will make a donation this weekend.

Thanks for all the valuable information you give us access to.

Phiip Weiss. Did the IDF confiscate the l at Ben Gurion last time?

I’ll donate. I haven’t yet decided for how much but certainly more than last time, which was the $5 minimum(I’m on a very tight student budget who can’t even afford MS Office but makes do with freeware). I’m one of those guys who can afford to pay down 5-10 dollars once in a while, not every month, but maybe once in a quarter. This site is amazing. And so is Max. Although I already paid… Read more »

Does this have to be done via Tiny Pass, or must it be done via the “Donation” button? No problem either way. Just asking.