Adam Horowitz, Scott Roth and Philip Weiss

Reporting spreads Resistance

Muckraking journalist George Seldes said it best: “The truth is not in the commercial media because the truth is a dagger pointed at its heart, which is its pocketbook.” Today is the last time this year that we will ask for your donations to maintain and grow Mondoweiss’s independence and leadership in defining, documenting and strategizing resistance to injustice. (If you have already donated, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!) Today we also follow the Mondoweiss tradition of ending each year by listing the year’s posts that received the most views. We present the top stories of the 1500+ published in 2016—a very diverse group. And this year our look back goes beyond a quantitative list to highlight the pieces that make us particularly proud.

Reporting spreads Resistance

As 2016 draws to an end, here are some of the year’s most remarkable examples of resistance to injustice: key stories and videos you will want to review and share with others. You can make a difference for justice in Palestine today, by supporting Mondoweiss. We need to raise $120,000 in order to fulfill our mission adequately in 2017 and beyond. With your help, reporting is resistance; reporting spreads resistance; reporting advances resistance.

Please tell us your reaction to Donald Trump’s election victory and your suggestions for how Palestinian justice work in general, and Mondoweiss’s journalism in particular, should regroup and move forward. Even though the implications for US foreign policy are not yet clear, the immediate outpouring of racist and Islamophobic rage across the country would seem to confirm our worst fears. Here at Mondoweiss we are starting to understand what this will mean for our work and how we must change accordingly. As always our focus will be on documenting, analyzing and challenging the ongoing Israeli dispossession of the Palestinian people. But one immediate change following the election is that we plan to expand our coverage of the racism and violence here in the U.S. that is finding political expression and power through the Trump victory.

Four weeks ago tomorrow, we announced our midyear fundraising campaign, “Be The Mondoweiss Megaphone.” We set an ambitious goal of $50,000 in donations—more than twice what the site has raised during the same period in other years. Today we are thrilled, humbled and grateful to announce that your contributions have exceeded the goal—and gifts are still coming in! Now, as we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we want to put your support and the site’s progress in context.

At Mondoweiss we believe that publishing a wide range of eloquent voices can raise the level of discourse, challenge widespread lies, and help change minds for better policy. The website has become a major resource for justice in Israel/Palestine because of you. Your attention, your comments, your word of mouth, and your donations. We are proud of the content we’ve been able to deliver using minimal resources, but to increase Mondoweiss’s impact, we need you to spread the word and provide financial support.

When you give to Mondoweiss, what are you investing in? You are helping bring to light stories like Dan Cohen’s article about two-year-old Ahmad Najjar and his family, forced to live in a metal shipping container since Israel bombed their home in Gaza last summer. And you make possible coverage like the photo essay by Abed Al Qaisi that we published on Nakba Day 2015, revealing the lives of Palestinian refugees in Iraq never seen in mainstream American media. Each of you has your own reasons for visiting Mondoweiss, a unique news operation that serves an amazing community of activists and thinkers. Please donate today to help us raise $50,000 by July 15 to continue this important work.

As part of our current Be The Mondoweiss Megaphone campaign, we are sharing some of what we’ve learned about how to win people’s attention and engage them on the critical issue of justice in Israel/Palestine. Recently, we’ve introduced a new tool that, with your help, can increase the attention and sense of urgency among people less focused on Israel/Palestine — the weekly Mondoweiss e-newsletter.