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Your support today determines: How much truth?

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In April this year, Mondoweiss published an exclusive video interview of a schoolchild, a teacher and an elder in Khirbet Tana, a Bedouin village where the Israeli army destroyed all houses and the school. Tents are the only homes remaining, and children go to class in a 100-year-old mosque with no electricity or running water.

video still for linking in post1Without Mondoweiss, would you have seen these determined people describing the devastation of their world? We are asking for your support to share news like this and advance justice.

This video reached over 225,000 people on Facebook after more than 2,100 of our supporters shared it. Other Mondoweiss videos have reached as many as two million viewers. We believe that many more people, scattered around the globe, need this kind of visceral experience to fully grasp the abuses in Palestine.

As you know, Mondoweiss provides news like this day after day, week after week. But here’s the question to you: Do you feel Mondoweiss’s current scale is enough to help drive change?

It is you—our readers and supporters—who determine how much Mondoweiss can deliver and how much impact we can have for Palestinian human rights. Even to stay at the level where we currently operate, we depend on you to invest in the site. The campaign we’re beginning today—”How Much Truth?”—asks you to contribute so that we can not only sustain the work but step it up.

In our recent survey, readers told us you value Mondoweiss’s work, repeating words like “excellent,” “informative,” “reliable,” “best,” and “truth” in describing the site. That’s very gratifying and suggests we are meeting a need. We could take that as a reason to rest on our laurels, and just keep doing the same thing as best we can with the resources we have.

But is that enough? We believe that changing public policy for freedom and justice in Palestine requires more of what the mainstream media blacks out. More essential news, more personal stories; access to more people’s screens and minds. Do you see the same need? If you agree that change is urgently needed—and that truth-telling journalism is a necessary tool to get to that change—then we need your help to increase Mondoweiss’s impact. Our budget—and thus our ambitions—are driven by what we raise from individuals.

Most fundraising drives set a goal upfront, telling donors what they need to raise. We’re asking readers to set the goal: how far and how fast do you want Mondoweiss to spread the truth about Israel/Palestine? You decide:

Option A: To sustain Mondoweiss as is, with no increase in content or new channels to reach people, we must raise …….. $50,000

Option B: To increase Mondoweiss reporting significantly, and make a start at new approaches to expand our reach, we must raise…….. $75,000

Option C: And to really step up our impact, we must raise ………………………….. at least $100,000

If you’ve never donated in the past, please join the many readers who make Mondoweiss possible. If you’ve given $25 or $50, consider an increase to $80 or $100. And if you’ve supported Mondoweiss with gifts of $100 or more, increasing your donation by 50 percent if you can will make a real difference in our capacity.

Your contribution will enable us to tell more people more facts: about children whose lives are stunted, parents who cannot vote, earn a living, or express political opinions; families expelled from their homes and land; people working toward daunting goals who are at risk every day of being shot. And about all the powerful efforts to fight back against these horrors.

We learned from our recent survey that readers want to understand better why we need donations. Many respondents did not know that Mondoweiss is nonprofit and reader-supported; and some suggested they would donate more if they understood better Mondoweiss’s needs and priorities, plans for the future, and how we use funds raised. So in this campaign we’ll share information on Mondoweiss’s operations and goals, so you can decide how you will invest in our future.

You read Mondoweiss because you want to know about the people willing to risk their safety for the sake of truth, freedom and justice. You support Mondoweiss because you want others to know about these brave people—and about the large, powerful institutions that seek to suppress Palestinian rights ever further.

How much more truth is needed? You tell us.





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Article on todays The Atlantic’s website where Jeffery Goldberg tries to promote Israel as a champion of Sharia. Goldberg never opens up the comments section of his articles. He is afraid that his opinion of Israel will be dismantled.
Sharia Does Not Mean What Newt Gingrich Thinks It Means
One country that officially endorses the Muslim legal system is one of the politician’s favorites—Israel.

I will support Mondoweiss to help strengthen the forces of good against the ferocious attacks of such as the hophmi, jon s, and others of the same (evil) ilk. Joking aside, the Palestinian tragedy will only end when Americans (Canadians, Brits etc,) call their pols to order, force them to stand on the side of justice for all people in the Middle East. I believe MW is a crucial part of this process, pray for… Read more »

Donation made.

MW prints only a version of the truth. Claiming anything else is like any other religious movement. The primary commenters here are mostly a crowd of mediocre minded true believers anyway following their belief in the pied piper of anti-Israeli Zionist hating ‘truth-speak’. Real zionists are nowhere close to being as closed minded as MW. But then how much could one expect from an evil zio-nazi supremacist.

|| aa: … Real zionists are nowhere close to being as closed minded as MW. … ||

Did you write that “zinger” all by yourself? It’s a good one. :-)