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Reporting Spreads Resistance: Review the year’s highlights and donate today

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You make a difference for justice in Palestine. You choose, every day, how you will work for change, and for many of you, one way is to provide financial support for Mondoweiss to continue reporting, analyzing, and spreading resistance to the oppressive status quo in Palestine. As the year ends, we need to raise $120,000 in order to fulfill our mission adequately in 2017 and beyond.

You know that in Israel/Palestine, the United States, and elsewhere, forces of repression are growing more powerful. Many people and organizations are now beginning to recognize their work as resistance to the powers that be. But Palestinians and their advocates—including Mondoweiss—are long familiar with resisting.

With your help, reporting is resistance; reporting spreads resistance; reporting advances resistance.

Mondoweiss has provided you with thousands of stories, photos, videos and other documents of resistance. As 2016 draws to an end, we offer you at some of the year’s most remarkable examples of resistance to injustice: key stories and videos you will want to review and share with others.

Please give to Mondoweiss today, so we can continue publishing:

  • Reporting as Resistance: firsthand accounts by people on the ground in Palestine, who put themselves at risk to get the truth out.
  • Resistance through Culture: the actions of artists, athletes, and others whose talents force the world to recognize Israeli repression.
  • Resistance to United States Policy: the myriad efforts within and outside the U.S. to change policy at the State Department, in Congress, and even at the state and local level.
  • Resistance through Movement Building: the growth in mutual solidarity between Palestinians and other movements challenging systemic oppression.
  • Resistance to Mainstream Media: dissection of mainstream coverage of Israel/Palestine, and its effect of reinforcing the right-wing Zionist narrative.
  • Resistance through BDS: the many campaigns for boycott, divestment and sanctions to change the terms of debate and grow the movement against Israel’s crimes. collects 2016 highlights among what we published in each of these categories. Over the next several days, we’ll also be sharing special messages from movement luminaries who will express what they value in these aspects of Mondoweiss’s journalism.

We believe you agree with us that the very act of documenting Israel’s crimes and disseminating the truth is an essential form of resistance. And we ask that you demonstrate your faith in this vital movement tool by investing in reporting: help the Mondoweiss team sustain and grow our work to raise global consciousness and advance Palestinian human rights.

Mondoweiss has published this year the work of hundreds of people who recorded both atrocities and courageous opposition. This month, for example, you may have read Mersiha Gadzo’s reporting on the demolition of the Bedouin village Umm al-Hiran in the Negev desert, where one resident said, “We’d like to live together. We told them that it’s OK for us to live with Jews, but the court said no. This place is just for Jewish people.”

And you had access to dozens of important videos via Mondoweiss this year, including these:

  • Palestinians in West Bank refugee camps coping with extreme water shortages imposed by Israeli authorities.
  • The grieving Abu al-Hindi family who lost three children in a fire due to cut-off electricity in Gaza.
  • The March of Return, where thousands of Palestinians commemorated the Nakba and used their presence to demand the right of return for those exiled.

You value these people’s lives; you know their stories must be told; and you know they are not told in the New York Times, the Atlantic Monthly, or on National Public Radio. Your contribution to Mondoweiss today will ensure this kind of reporting/resistance will grow in power and impact. 

A free, independent press must withstand the efforts of its opponents to silence truth. Please contribute today to keep Mondoweiss delivering essential information. And if you agree that Mondoweiss must not only survive but grow, please give more.

Thank you for your commitment to truth about Palestine.

Check out, and share our year’s best with your friends.

And please invest in reporting and resistance by donating to Mondoweiss.

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