On World Water Day, Palestinians in West Bank refugee camps struggle with scarce resources

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As the world celebrates World Water Day this week, Palestinians in refugee camps across the occupied West Bank are preparing for the summer, when water becomes scarce.

While the World Health Organization recommends 100 liters of water per person per day, Palestinians in the occupied West Bank use less than 73 liters, with those in refugee camps using even less. In Israel, residents use an average of 183 liters per person, per day.

In Bethlehem’s Beit Jibrin camp, one young man takes Mondoweiss around the in and outs of the water issues the camps face each year.

As water in the camps is often unavailable for weeks on end, people get by sharing their limited water supply with their neighbors, buying extra water storage tanks and being frugal with their water usage.

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Bernie mentioned the water distribution problem in his foreign policy statement regarding Israel/Palestine–the only one to mention the Palestinians directly, or by direct implication, as other than, essentially, bred jew-hating terrorists. Remember, early on, when Cruz used the term “occupation” and was pulled up short immediately never to do it again?