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Mondoweiss is Hiring – Director of Development

Adam Horowitz and Philip Weiss on

Mondoweiss community, we have some bittersweet organizational news to share — Tova Perlmutter, our wonderful Executive Director, will be moving on later this spring. Tova has been central in our development over the past five years, helping to move Mondoweiss from a fledgling news operation of four staff people into a mature, stable organization with a core staff of ten. As we prepare for her exit at the end of June we are launching a search for a Director of Development to continue our impressive growth.

Upcoming changes to the Mondoweiss site

Dave Reed on
Mondoweiss is launching a new website.

We’re launching a redesigned website that will give us greater flexibility in how we present articles, images and video, and offer better performance for our visitors.

Mondoweiss is Hiring – Individual Giving Manager

Adam Horowitz on
Mondoweiss is now hiring.

Mondoweiss is hiring an Individual Giving Manager. Inspired to build relationships with donors, the Individual Giving Manager will help increase ​Mondoweiss​’s capacity to inform the public about human rights in Palestine. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis starting February 21; please apply as soon as possible.

Thank you for helping Mondoweiss start the new year in a strong position!

Tova Perlmutter on

Thanks to hundreds of generous supporters, we have surpassed our year-end goal! Your investment means Mondoweiss will share even more stories to advance change in 2020. The energy of those fighting for justice–and those trying to prevent it–has never been higher. Ths year, Mondoweiss will continue to deliver independent news and opinion to keep you and the rest of the world informed.

The top 10 Mondoweiss stories of 2019

Mondoweiss Editors on
Mondoweiss' Top Stories of 2019

Our top 10 stories in 2019 focused on BDS, the Democratic Party primary, Trump’s thus far secret Deal Of The Century peace plan, and the ongoing daily oppression of the Palestinian people. Hopefully 2020 will see justice for the Palestinian people. Let’s make it happen.

Today, you can make a difference for justice in Palestine

Tova Perlmutter on

How often can you look at the 24 hours to come, and know for a fact that you can contribute to a better world? Today, you can. We invite you to join us in spreading the word about injustice and oppression in Palestine, in order to build public demand for urgently needed change. With just hours to go, I hope you will help us claim the $100,000 match by investing now in Mondoweiss’s continued growth and effectiveness.

The ChangeMakers defying the Israeli prison system who inspire me

Philip Weiss on

My message to you today is a tribute to the strength and persistence of Palestinians and their allies everywhere. Those who protest, those who survive—and yes, even those who die in prison—deserve to have their stories told for the world to mourn and demand change. If you agree that it is our duty to shout these stories from the rooftops, I ask respectfully for your support of Mondoweiss’s journalism. We have one day left to meet the $100,000 challenge.

Imagine more radical possibilities: I hope you’re as inspired as I am by Jafar’s vision

Yarden Katz on

Yarden Katz translated a discussion in Tel Aviv between Palestinian activist Jafar Farah and Jewish activists Yael Barda and Meron Rapoport. Jafar gave brilliant rejoinders to a challenge from the audience–and his delivery of those words, in that Israeli-Jewish forum, was in itself a powerful act. But Jafar was also reminding us to also imagine more radical possibilities for the region as a whole.

They do endure, and they do overcome: alerting the world to those working for justice

Yumna Patel on

Palestine correspondent Yumna Patel writes: “When an international group that monitored human rights violations in Hebron was forced to leave, a group of Palestinian activists formed their own team of observers. ChangeMakers like these brave civilians keep me inspired in my reporting and motivated to tell their stories. Because we need to keep informing the world about their work, I’m asking you to make a contribution to Mondoweiss today. Your gift will help unlock a $100,000 challenge fund to expand and sustain our reporting.”

Change happens in communities everywhere–including yours

Michael Arria on

US Correspondent Michael Arria writes about the ChangeMakers who have inspired him: “The battle for justice isn’t just happening in Palestine or Israel or Washington– it’s happening in your community. Just ask Bahia Amawi. By making a contribution to Mondoweiss today, you can join the fight for justice and help us spread the truth about Palestine and the movement for its liberation.”

Why can we not be like birds, roaming freely?

Ahmed Abu Artema on

Ahmed Abu Artema writes: “I want to share with you the significance for me, a Palestinian human being, of walls and fences; birds and airplanes; and the power of voices to disrupt the stifling silence of collective punishment. I am writing today because Mondoweiss journalists have helped me challenge those walls—get closer to the freedom of a bird or plane in flight—by respecting, reporting, sharing and amplifying my voice and so many others.”

They want to silence you and me–but we stand up against the censorship

Elyse Crystall on

Professor Elyse Crystall writes, “As campus activism continues to come under attack, more than ever we need you to stand in solidarity with us.” She describes McCarthyite tactics of Israel defenders, telling the story of her own experience with censorship. “They won’t stop trying to silence us, leveraging their influence and weaponizing anti-Semitism. We rely on Mondoweiss to tell the truth loud and clear and to help us track the movement for justice in Palestine in the U.S. and globally.” Please donate today to help unlock the $100,000 challenge fund.

One among many heroes: The ChangeMakers who inspire me

Olivia Katbi Smith on

ChangeMakers working for environmental justice make clear the fight we have ahead of us–and you are an important part of this fight. Because of your support for Mondoweiss, we are able to alert the world to the particular climate threats faced by Palestinians. In the face of incomplete and outright biased reporting by the mainstream media, I’m proud that Mondoweiss is able to deliver both on-the-ground coverage and insightful commentary the world needs to hear. I ask you today to invest in truthful reporting for justice in Palestine.

My experience being shot has made me even more grateful for Mondoweiss

Tarek Loubani on

Dr. Tarek Loubani, a Palestinian-Canadian physician, explains why he values Mondoweiss: “When the March of Return began, I was dizzied by the high casualty count. I had a hard time understanding what was happening in Gaza. I turned to Mondoweiss…and what I read there helped me orient myself to the broader context and international importance of this moment.”

Change requires knowledge. Will you take action today?

Omar Barghouti on

Omar Barghouti, co-founder of the BDS movement for Palestinian rights, writes “I rely on Mondoweiss and similar movement media to enlighten me about the extremely important U.S. context of our struggle and beyond. I have donated personally to Mondoweiss for many years, and I’m asking you now to do the same. At a time when the U.S. is joining Israel to clamp down on the rights of those who speak out for Palestine, Mondoweiss is a rare source of free speech and insightful analysis–a sign of hope for those seeking to create real change. Knowledge is power, and without power we cannot defeat oppression. I urge you to support Mondoweiss as an indispensable source of knowledge for our struggle.

How does change happen? Your help makes the difference.

Adam Horowitz on
A protest in support of the rights of Palestinian political prisoners.

Mondoweiss brings you stories of people creating real change toward justice for Palestine. Like you, we know that amplifying their voices increases their impact. Before the year ends, we need to raise $200,000 to continue this work–and we can do it if you give today. If you and others provide $100,000, that will unlock a challenge fund of $100,000 more. Please join hundreds of others to make possible ongoing coverage of ChangeMakers for Palestine.

Introducing ChangeMakers

Philip Weiss, Adam Horowitz and Tova Perlmutter on

Introducing “ChangeMakers”: a new feature on the site where we’ll be highlighting inspiring stories of people or organizations creating real change. Please share your suggestions for this feature — stories we published in the past, or that you’d like to see us cover in the future.

Just hours left to support young Palestinian writers

Adam Horowitz on

We are very proud that for years Mondoweiss has shared the words of writers in Gaza with you and tens of thousands of other readers. And we are fortunate because two generous donors have challenged our readers to contribute now in support of Mondoweiss, We Are Not Numbers, and the writers whose work we publish.

The match has been increased! Support Gaza writers by unlocking these funds before time runs out.

Pam Bailey on

The young Gaza writers of We Are Not Numbers could not ask for a more responsive audience than you, the Mondoweiss community. “What I’m mostly concerned with when I write is to show reality as it is, portraying what precisely happens in Palestine from within, without exaggeration,” Fadi says. You can help spread Fadi’s writing far and wide by participating in the current challange: as of now, we will receive $100 for every new donor who signs up for a monthly gift at any level by October 16 — up to 50 new donors. Sign up today! Your gifts will support both Mondoweiss and the young writers of We Are Not Numbers.

I am proud that we support movement organizations like We Are Not Numbers. Can you help us strengthen the movement?

Olivia Katbi Smith on
Act today to support Mondoweiss and We Are Not Numbers

I am proud that Mondoweiss supports movement organizations like We Are Not Numbers, which helps young Palestinians not only to survive, but to grow and contribute to the struggle for freedom. Our goal this week is to sign up 50 new monthly donors to Mondoweiss, and a loyal supporter has offered a $60 match for every new subscriber — at any level! We will share the proceeds of this drive with We Are Not Numbers. Please read on to understand why.

Journalism for justice needs your help today

Adam Horowitz on

We believe that one story at a time can change minds. Mondoweiss publishes stories that the mainstream media won’t, and now thanks to hundreds of generous gifts from readers like you, we’re so close to wrapping up our campaign. We need just $2,500 more in donations to unlock an additional $20,000 — all to support journalism for justice and freedom in Palestine.