Warpaint and terrorists

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Yesterday the Israeli army concluded a two-year investigation of the killing of demonstrator Mustafa Tamimi in Nabi Saleh and concluded that it was regrettable but in accordance with occupation rules– not a crime. The soldier fired because of “heavy stone-throwing.”

The conclusion is not all that surprising if you follow the twitter feed of the Israeli army spokesperson. The country’s security establishment looks out at the world through a visor.

Here’s a tweet two days ago from a wedding. (Thanks to Scott Roth.) The bride’s not the one in the makeup.

This picture from December 1 looks more natural. And again, a soldier is wearing paint in a civilian context. Or war context. The tweet says, “You can make it just about anywhere with friends & family by your side.” I have no idea whose lands they’re walking on.

paintA central theme of the twitter feed is how unsafe things are over there, how necessary a military presence is. There are “terrorists” behind every bush.

This tweet says Palestinian terrorists are trying to kidnap Israeli soldiers. This one says Gaza terrorists are smuggling weapons. Hezbollah terrorists want to murder us. Hamas terrorists haven’t stopped killing for years. This one says the terror threat is rising, and warns again of kidnapings.

This one’s about terrorists in the West Bank– Judea and Samaria to biblical Israelis.

The article in the link shows a Palestinian rioter throwing a firebomb at a West Bank demonstration. The people on the West Bank live under checkpoints with no freedom to go to the sea they can see from their rooftops, or the Al Aqsa mosque. Their lands are being taken by colonists. Is it really that surprising that they’re resisting?

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My guess is that the second photo is of the conclusion of a military march. Combat soldiers go on these extended marches 40 or more miles long carrying full battle gear. At the end of the march, they have a passing out parade and get some emblem, such as the… Read more »

I find this warpaint schtick intriguing. Why does a training march require warpaint? And why didn’t the soldier in the wedding pic take a minute in the restroom to wash it off before kissing the bride? It seems like there is prestige attached to warpaint. When I was in the… Read more »

How does the color blue “fit the environment”, or is it just homage to the Israeli flag?

Perhaps MW resident graphic artist (Katie Miranda) should add it to her collection.