Netanyahu’s map of ‘Israel’ annexes West Bank, leaves out Gaza

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Netanyahu promotionof Israel
Netanyahu promotionof Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s announced a video celebrating the accomplishments of his first year in office on his twitter feed on March 18:

So what have we been up to? the frantic narrator asks. Mostly civil and economic improvements. But a couple of times in the video the illustrator makes an image of one state of Israel and Palestine, in which the West Bank is annexed and Gaza is purposely cut out. First at :23. The screenshot above is from 1:40 or so. No Green Line. A divot where Gaza used to be. What’s he telling us?

And in all the feverish description of accomplishments, not a word about peace talks or Palestinians. The usual fearful talk about Iran and the borders.

Update: I altered this post to reflect the Gaza insight that commenter “alan” pointed out.

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There are no videos of German territorial arrogance in 1940 which is a real pity.

I’d love to watch the early 50s PR spin on Dien Bien Phu, that impregnable fortress.

>> The screenshot above is from 1:40 or so. No Green Line.

No Green Line, no Gaza. Just pure, clean, supremacist “Jewish State” of (Greater) Israel.

No green line but a clear border with the Gaza Strip which is separated from Egypt by a much thinner line. Something else to tell us?

“frantic” indeed. Not a whisper about Kerry’s meeting with Abbas on MSNBC, CNN, etc. Not a whisper. It’s all Crimea and missing plane over and over again. Just so f—king absurd that U.S. leaders are lecturing Putin about honoring “territorial integrity, international laws, UN charter” when the U.S. invaded Iraq… Read more »