SodaStream stock loses fizz amid ‘boycott fears’

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Things seem to be going from bad to worse for SodaStream. Here’s the news. Last week British mega bank Barclays cut SodaStream’s rating to “Underweight”. Motley Fool reports Barclays was “throwing in the towel on SodaStream once and for all –… predicting the company will sell for as little as $35 a share within a year.” Ouch!

The market is closed today for the holiday, but take a look at what a Google search of SodaStream stock looks like:

Googling SodaStream

All fizzed out. That little bounce in their share price last month following the rumor Starbucks might purchase a 10% stake in what even New York Magazine terms the “blood-bubbles” corporation? Gone. WallStreetPR reports:

“Boycott fears hang around…political issues between Israel and Palestine are rearing their head into the business of Sodastream…threats of consumer boycotts can be seen taking the better part of the possible deals…Starbuck recently dismissed as rumors reports about its possible deal with Sodastream”.

Yep, that was an easy call.

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Yeah. Still not taking stock advice from Mondoweiss.

On another note, does anyone know anything about this company? Is it in the same category as Sodastream?!about/cih3

It says “Made in Israel” but also: “Handmade with natural leather east of Jerusalem. … The line is hand crafted by Palestinians for commercial sale by an establishment with Jewish roots.”

BDS turned a snowflake into an avalanche – we saw it with our own eyes.

Great and deep gratitude to all BDS activists ALL OVER THE WORLD!

Loving you and loving this story.

The bust-up of Sodastream is a particularly good victory because it’s also a victory over zionist Hollywood.


Good news, annie.

(doing the happy BDS dance here!)

Yes, many thanks Annie and to all at MW and commentors who work tirelessly to promote BDS!