Identity Crisis: The Israeli ID system and the segregation of Israel/Palestine

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The Nakba, which refers to the ethnic cleansing of over 50% of the Palestinian population, was a defining moment of the long and ongoing history of forced displacement and separation of the Palestinian people that began with the events leading up to the creation of the State of Israel on May 15, 1948.

Today, 66 years after this date, the fragmentation of the Palestinian people both inside and outside of historic Palestine remains as concrete as ever.

This infographic represents each population group falling under de-facto Israeli sovereignty today. It deconstructs how different groups of Israelis and Palestinians experience segregation based on an Israeli-controlled system of colored ID cards. The graphic is based on data from UN agencies, and from Israeli and Palestinian government sources and NGOs.

The issue of prolonged Israeli sovereignty over Palestinians is also pertinent in light of growing talk among prominent Israeli politicians such as Naftali Bennet of permanently and unilaterally annexing large portions of the occupied Palestinian territory, and by Avigdor Lieberman of de-nationalising some Palestinian citizens of Israel. A recent Associated Press article discusses how a shifting demographic balance and continuing de-facto Israeli control over the Palestinian population weigh heavy in Israel’s calculations.

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Question for our Zionist contributors??.

Is referring to “The Nakba” considered an Anti Semitic act.

Is it part of the ADL,S 11 Commandments .

It’s a helpful reminder that Israel discriminates against all Palestinians regardless of where they happen to live.

Israeli Apartheid in Israel (“Grand Apartheid”)

There are more than 50 Israeli laws that discriminate against Palestinian citizens of Israel in all areas of life, including their rights to political participation, access to land, education, state budget resources, and criminal procedures.

How Israeli apartheid is coming unstuck

Israeli Apartheid in the Bantustans (Apartheid on Steroids)

Israel has 101 different types of permits governing Palestinian movement