Check out the new Rolling Stones logo

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"new logo"
“The @RollingStones roll out their new logo ahead of Apartheid Israel gig. #BDS”(graphic: @stephinrome)

The Rolling Stones arrived in apartheid Israel yesterday. The music is about to begin.

(Graphic: Stephanie Westbrook @stephinrome)

Hasbarists are branding the visit “historic“. Yeah, I’d agree with that. Historically disastrous.  

(Graphic: Stephanie Westbrook @stephinrome)

They know…

(Graphic: Stephanie Westbrook @stephinrome)

Your guess is as good as mine Steph.

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Man, this sucks! I was a Stones fan through most of my youth and even went to their concert in London a long time ago, scraping together my meager funds for the ticket. I would never have thought that they could be bought, especially now in their twilight years when they don’t need the money or the political influence. I guess there is no Santa Claus, and idols and heroes turn out to be mere… Read more »

Stephanie is a genius.

The RS are still partaking of toxic substances– now its ziocaine. Too bad they can’t detox, and the serious efforts by socially aware BDS’ers & intervention failed. I guess they are tone deaf.

The Rolling Stones routinely play music in front of American audiences. Clearly we can conclude that they support the Afghan War, drones strikes on civilians and hate gay marriage. I hope the Rolling Stones don’t plan on playing in Ramallah while they’re in the Middle East, or else they would be guilty of supporting suicide bombers, rocket attacks on civilians, and the cold-blooded murder of innocent people just because they are Jewish. Oh wait, this… Read more »

Recently a new documentary aired — Who The F*** Is Arthur Fogel — a story about a a Jewish kid from Ottawa who has risen to be the most powerful music show producer in the world. Fogel got his big break when he snagged the 1989 Rolling Stones tour from Bill Graham and made it a huge success — since then, Sting, U2, Madonna and Lady Gaga. This guy is why the Stones are playing… Read more »

@Annie Robbins Robins: Let me, please, ask you simple questions: Why several singers and artists* with high reputation and millions of fans around the world agree to perform in Israel? Maybe those who boycott us, at least part of them, just afraid to lose fans or maybe they just were threatened**? It seems to me that this boycott is not related to ideology in most of the cases. (*Partial list: Justin Bieber, Justin Timbelake, Leonard… Read more »