Soul-crushing video shows Gaza father unable to accept his little boy’s killing

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Please don’t open this video if you don’t wish to know what horrific violence is being visited on Palestinian families with the support of the U.S. government. Don’t open it if you don’t wish to have scarred into your mind the devotion and nurturing and wild grief of a Palestinian father.

Don’t open it if you don’t wish to see highly disturbing images of a dead child. Omar Ghraieb, Gaza blogger, states the matter clearly:

I see the video has already been removed from one site, Veooz. It doesn’t matter; these images are indelible. Thanks to Max Blumenthal.

P.S. Speaking of fathers, here is some discourse monitoring from the former Israeli soldier who’s now America’s leading expert on the conflict:

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Goldberg’s response to Rozen – hardly an out and out supporter of Palestinian resistance – shows the utter heartlessness and autism of Israel – not of course that Goldberg still lives in the kip. Not one word of commiseration or regret. Not even an acknowledgement of suffering. No – just… Read more »

He’s not kidding, folks. By accident I got saw it on twitter. Anyway most of the people here don’t need to see it, it’s the Jeff Goldbergs that need to. Also if you find it hard to understand what Jeff is trying to say imagine him saying it while in… Read more »

Goldberg, there is zero equivalence, especially when no Israeli child has been harmed like this, yet there will be more Palestinian children who will die in the coming days. All to prove what? That you have bigger and deadlier weapons than them? After all the killings to sate your revenge,… Read more »

I always want to know EVERYTHING that is going on, but I can no longer bear to look. I just can’t.

This is heart breaking. I did not watch, but I did see a picture of this sad scene. What kind of evil does this to children? They have shown time and time again, that their children are more precious, and that they treat non Jewish children, like dirt. What is… Read more »