Arab reporters come under attack from Israelis

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Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman said the Israeli government is seeking to ban Al Jazeera from reporting in Israel because it’s a branch of a “terrorist organization.”

Today Al Jazeera’s offices were attacked in Gaza. Israel denies they were targeted. From the Guardian:

Israel‘s army has denied targeting the Gaza offices of al-Jazeera TV after the network’s correspondents reported that the building had come under fire on Tuesday.

Staff in Gaza said their 11th floor bureau was hit by two Israeli bullets as a crew was preparing to broadcast live from the balcony. “Two very precise shots were fired straight into our building,” said Stefanie Dekker. “We are high up in the building so we had a very strong vantage point over the area. But we have evacuated.” Al-Jazeera aired footage of their staff standing outside the building.

And that’s not all. The video above is of Feras Khatib, a BBC Arabic reporter. “Must see. BBC Arabic reporter attacked live on air by an Israeli near #Gaza border,” writes Jenan Moussa of Al Aan TV.

Washington Post’s Sarah Larimer reports:

In an e-mail, a BBC Arabic spokesman said the attack took place during a live report in the Israeli city of Ashkelon. [Reporter Feras] Khatib “was manhandled by an angry Israeli,” the statement said, adding: “Feras was unharmed and will continue reporting as normal.” The spokesman said the attacker “left immediately after the incident.”

BBC Arabic tweeted about the attack Tuesday morning


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I can’t find the link, and in any case I’m loath to link to the lying amoral toad, but I remember when Israel killed journalists in the last Gaza war, Mark Regev went on Al Jazeera and essentially said ”They’re not journalists, they’re Palestinians”. For Israel EVERY Arab is a… Read more »

The overtime at the Israeli Reichsministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda offices must be pretty good at the moment as they frantically try to bury, suppress, dampen and spin all these little unfortunate yet revealing incidents.

Gives a July 2014 context to shoot/kill the messenger. (especially if they speak/look a certain way) We CAN handle the truth, but it seems that Israel and these Israelis don’t want the world to hear or see it. There’s something else that is really very disturbing, but undeniable. It’s de… Read more »

Maybe NBC was being honest, and maybe it was making the right call, when it said it was pulling Ayman Mohyeldin for his safety. Now I feel bad about expressing my regret about that to NBC. I’ve only seen one report from him since he returned. I wondered why that… Read more »

Jazeera and its owner, the State of Qatar also under attack from the UAE after it aired a report about Lieberman having visited the UAE to discuss the attacks on Gaza. He probably did. UAE is asking for an apology. This may also have something to do with Lieberman’s anti… Read more »