‘Bombing the Dead’ — Max Blumenthal in Gaza

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This is excellent. Max Blumenthal has taken his photos and tweets from Gaza, with the help of Dan Cohen, and made a Storify. This slideshow might serve a war crimes inquiry; for it conveys the overwhelming and indiscriminate devastation of Israel’s attack on two neighborhoods near the Israel border. Beit Hanoun and Shuja’iyeh were flattened; Israel even bombed a cemetery. The last image is particularly striking, as it shows the aftermath of the July 24th strike on the UN school in Beit Hanoun.

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And needless to say, not one photo of an armed Palestinian or a rocket launcher.

*Sssh…we don’t make the Arabs mad’*

Incredible documentation of mass destruction and ruin– there’s clearly nothing ‘pinpoint’ about it.

Thanks Max. Thanks MW.

Taking the gold and carving the stars of david say so much about the IDF and its value system. Real classy soldiers and their war of choice. Israel will always be low rent. Like the 3 dollar bottles of Moldovan alcohol they sell in tel aviv. And they tell themselves… Read more »

Thanks Max; will spread these photos around. Thanks MW.

@jackduuuuuh…the zionist zealot…looking through his zionism’s spectacles…uhhhh…rocket launchers….uhhhhh….!!! The Palestinians of Gaza …the WB…Occupied Territories…with about 2,000 murdered/slaughtered… helpless population…and with over 400 infants/children and over 200 women dead, in their homes, hospital, UN schools/shelters…and no place in Gaza was safe from Apartheid Israel & its IDF killers. The use… Read more »