Democratic Party leader echoes Netanyahu’s new theme: Hamas equals ISIS

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Propaganda from Netanyahu on ISIS
Propaganda from Netanyahu on ISIS

A few weeks after the Israeli prime minister accused Hamas of piling up “telegenically-dead Palestinians for their cause,” Benjamin Netanyahu has found a telegenically-dead victim for his propaganda purposes: James Foley, the brave American journalist killed by ISIS in Syria. Netanyahu is using Foley’s gruesome beheading to equate ISIS and all its horrors to… Hamas.

Yesterday he issued this video statement about Foley in English– obviously tailored for Americans– in which he denounced the “barbarism, the savagery” of ISIS. 

“We face the same savagery,” Netanyahu said– from Hamas.

Later he tweeted that ISIS and Hamas are “Two branches of the same poison tree,” and cited the oppression of women, Christians and gays as a shared program. 

And he tweeted this, with the poster above:

Hamas is ISIS. ISIS is Hamas. They’re enemies of Peace. They’re enemies of all civilized countries.

Netanyahu has a mouthpiece in Long Island Congressman Steve Israel. Israel got to the Hamas-ISIS identity yesterday morning, ahead of the Prime Minister:

— Steve Israel (@RepSteveIsrael) August 20, 2014

But many journalists have been roaming around Gaza without being arrested by Hamas. No, they get invited into people’s homes, as Max Blumenthal has reported.

Scott Roth points out Steve Israel’s party importance. He’s chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), “the official campaign arm of the Democrats in the House.” 

And I wonder why my congressman, in his first term, has had nothing but joyful support for Israel throughout its massacre. I’m sure he’s buddies with Steve Israel. He has to be, if he wants campaign funds to get reelected.

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If hamas equals Isis then Hillary must be Lincoln

Dear Steverino, Israel is doing the beheadings in Gaza, not ISIS.


Female murderers exist in society. According to Bibi, the woman chained in the rapist’s bunker – that battered and abused victim who lashes out in anger / frustration / desperation at her captor – is just like those female killers!!!

Bibi, in the words of Mr. Bumble, “is a ass – a idiot”.

Is killing a collaborator worse than bombing a UN school ? Do hamas have any pictures of Israel’s recent hannibal procedure? That was fairly nauseous.
The notion that Judistan is on the side of peace is as credible as Joan Rivers’ youthful looks.

Never heard of Hamas offering Christians of Gaza to convert to Islam or lose their heads. Until a few weeks back, they had a church but Israel too care of that.

Video released by ISIS this week showing the mass conversions to Islam by the Yazidis that are accused of being devil-worshippers by the Wahhabis; then again, the Wahhabis think everybody else is: