Photo of six shoveling secretaries needs a caption

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Possibly you were not invited, but three days ago five former secretaries of state got together with the sitting sec’y for Secretaries Day at the State Department and participated in a groundbreaking ceremony. Yousef Munayyer posted this photograph on his twitter with some caption suggestions. “Condi was there but someone had to take the picture” is hard to beat. Though Allison Deger came up with “US backs Israeli pinpoint operation to destroy Hamas ‘terror tunnels.'” Can you do better? Winner to be decided by commenters’ voices and editor’ choices in an update in days to come. 

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“Sure, this stuff came from a Bull, so what? Shoveling it is just what we do!”

Joe Catron

“And they thought we buried the Goldstone Report!”

Peter Feld

They’re digging a mass grave for war crime victims. These are telling poses: Kissinger shows how it’s done, Hillary and Baker go straight to work, Powell is trying to learn, Albright is well-meaning, Kerry fumbles.

I miss Al Haig.


celebrated gravediggers at the groundbreaking ceremony of the US Diplomacy Center.

It’s entirely ironic and tragic.

(did Madeline “we think the price is worth it” Albright not get the memo re the dress code? where was Condi??)


back on the chain gang