Islamophobia reigns in Newsweek comment section– ‘Towel head camel humpers’

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Yesterday Newsweek ran an article by Sarah Helm about a 24-year-old Palestinian woman’s efforts to protect the Noble Sanctuary/Temple Mount in Jerusalem from the incursions of religious Jews who aim to build a temple in the place of the Al Aqsa mosque. Titled The Young Woman at the Forefront of Jerusalem’s New Holy War, the piece elicited blatantly-bigoted comments about Muslims that set our hair on end. These comments have been up for a day now, and will surely soon be removed; but they are evidence of the rampant Islamophobia in American public life. The Dana Klein of Trumbull, CT, who describes Palestinians as “towel head … camel humpers” appears from searches to be a real name. Amazing that folks would want to attach their names to such appalling statements.

One comment:

Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 11.07.58 AMHere’s more:

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This is the top of the comment section: Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 10.57.12 AMAstounding Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 11.29.09 AM

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bbcWorld Newshour is from Jerusalem today (2pm GMT). First on the subject was one of thevfemale Guardians, explaining that the so called “status quo” had changed – because Israel now controls the gates and entry, takes id’s, bars entry and can close the Haram al Sherif. The Israeli interviewed next… Read more »

Newsweek’s sister site, the Daily Beast, published Dean Obeidallah’s piece Arabs Are the Michael Browns of Israel this week. The comments there were almost all hostile to either Palestinians, Muslims, or African-Americans. For example, Israel is an island of sanity in a region of bloodthirsty and ignorant countries. Islam has… Read more »

Wow what ugly, racist people. That woman certainly knows how to spew, but I bet if these horrible words were about the Jews, she would be whining about anti-semitism, and crying about how mean the world is. These are the usual double standards we have become familiar with. One standard… Read more »

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Great article, by the way — it’s smart to start digging into and analyzing the comments on major Internet publications.

The Dana Kleins of the world would be the first out of the trap if anyone said boo about Jews. I think her diatribe should stay up so people can get an idea what zionists are really like. Nice to see Yaakov Sullivan still fighting the good fight and showing… Read more »