Israel turns off power to hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the dead of winter

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Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are cashed strapped this winter because Israel is withholding $240 million in tax revenue to the Palestinian Authority as punishment for joining the ICC. This is radical, though it’s not unusual and something we’ve come to expect. But turning off the electricity in the middle of winter as blizzards sweep across the Middle East is nothing short of sadistic. The Los Angeles Times reports Israel cut the power to more than 700,000 Palestinians in two of Palestine’s largest urban areas, Nablus and Jenin, for more than 45 minutes “and warned that more outages are coming if Palestinian officials don’t pay millions of dollars in outstanding debt.”

Citing Yiftah Ron-Tal, the director of Israel Electric Corp. (IEC), the Times reports:

“Customers who do not pay electric bills are disconnected; yet here we have an entire population that doesn’t pay while we continue to supply electricity,” he said. “The Palestinian Authority owes the IEC — meaning the paying consumers — nearly 2 billion Israeli shekels [about $500 million]. A year has passed since I said this last and nothing has changed. Starting today, we will begin restricting electricity.”

The irony here, of withholding the months of  tax revenue while demanding payment of a debt, on top of occupation policy preventing Palestinians from being self sufficient, is not lost on anyone. More from the Times:

“This is clearly collective punishment against the Palestinian people,” [Ghassan Shakaa, the mayor of Nablus and chairman of the board of the North Electricity Company, which supplies Nablus, Jenin] said. According to Shakaa, the IEC cut power shortly after notifying his company that it owed more than $10 million, and did not wait for an answer or for payment……

Rashid Fadda, who lives in Nablus and works as a technician for the local electric company, said the power cuts came as a surprise.

“We heard the Israeli company threatening to cut power supply to the West Bank but no one really thought it will happen,” he said. “My work depends on electricity and so when the power was cut off, we had to stop work.”

In more winter news, IMEMC reports settlers from the Gilo settlement have “opened its barrages, throwing all excess rain and melted snow water” flooding Aida Refugee camp near Bethlehem.

Hundreds of Palestinians flee as Israel opens dams into Gaza Valley Feb. 22, 2015 (Photo: Ma'an News)
Hundreds of Palestinians flee as Israel opens dams into Gaza Valley Feb. 22, 2015 (Photo: Ma’an News)

Plus, Israel opened dams near the border of Gaza on Sunday morning, flooding the valley causing hundreds of Palestinians to evacuate their homes. That happened last year too.  Are these kinds of punitive measures something Palestinians have come to expect from Israel every winter like clockwork?

Remember last year when Israel caged Palestinian children in outdoor holding pens during freezing winter storms?

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Does ‘adding insult to injury’ begin to describe the vulgar infamy …… ?

Thanks for this really important and well- done article, Annie. The cruelty toward, and disregard for the lives of Occupied Palestinians continues unabated. Reposting here: Amira Hass: “Will the PA be forced to dissolve? The dangers of Palestinian recession The PA cannot guarantee its residents a fair economic subsistence, even under the occupation, due to Israel’s prohibitive policies, which in eight years have cost the authority tens of billions of shekels. Between the U.S. court… Read more »

Someday the world will notice and take offense at Israel’s sticking its thumb in the world’s (the human rights world’s) eye in these manners. And then all hell will break loose. As it is, this is part of Israel’s 66-yerar pattern: to do something fairly dreadful and then look to see if USA or anyone else takes a serious, a real (not just words) action in response. so far there has been no such action.… Read more »

Pay the bill if you want power! It’s that easy, guys.

Kershner at NYT predictably softens her headline: “With Palestinian Debt Rising, Israeli Utility Briefly Reduces Power to West Bank”. Compare to LA Times headline: “Israel cuts off electricity to thousands of West Bank Palestinians”.