‘Suck Iranian ****’ — Netanyahu’s Farsi twitter account earns negative reviews

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In an attempt to speak directly to the Iranian public to muster sentiment against the P5+1 talks between world leaders and Iran set to expire tonight, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has launched a Twitter account in Farsi. Yet the move to convince Iranians the potential deal is a bad one has backfired.

Farsi speakers responded in droves by cursing Netanyahu and the state of Israel!

“Suck Iranian ****”– expletive deleted by the Jerusalem Post– “death to Israel,” and “I hate Israel,” was just some of the backtalk Netanyahu’s received to his @IsraeliPM_Farsi handle.

Launched around three hours ago, Netanyahu’s Farsi account already has more than 700 followers. Thus far he has only posted two tweets. The Jerusalem Post translated one:

“With the continuation of the show of compromising with Iran, the path to Iran getting a nuclear bomb is paved, and they are being given billions of dollars for terrorism and invasion.”

Screen shot from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Twitter feed.
Screen shot from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Twitter feed.

Meantime, over Netanyahu’s English account the prime minister has released a flurry of content opposing the Iran deal during the past few weeks, and hours. His latest:

If concessions continue after calls for destruction of those conducting negotiations, it seems some are ready for an at any price.

In Israel’s view the agreement with Iran is not far-reaching enough, thus it will sanction the development of a strong nuclear program. Last month Netanyahu posted a video with the tagline: “The Islamic state of Iran, like ISIS just much bigger.”

Screen shot of Hassan Rouhani's Twitter feed.
Screen shot of Hassan Rouhani’s Twitter feed.

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani, and Foreign Minister Javad Zarif also took to social media today tweeting in support of reaching a deal with world leaders.

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Netanyahu is politically obtuse, and a wouldn’t know diplomacy if it hit him square between his eyes.

He barges in when uninvited, pushes to the front of the line, makes demands, makes threats, and looks a total arse. I guess they don’t value diplomatic protocol/etiquette at all in Israel…never mind manners and common sense.

A boor of enormous proportions. Thanks, Allison.

did he actually say suck iranian dick? just wanted to clarify that.

Israel wouldn’t allow the PA to broadcast to their Palestinians but it’s okay for them to tweet to Iranians.

Netanyahu and his ilk (millions) are sociopaths. And this is unfortunately the state of the world that sociopaths are rife in governments, including our own.

Amazing – he didn’t even pretend to appeal to them, he just attacked the country immediately? What an utter clown. What response was he expecting?