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Former Iranian political prisoners urge U.S. support for Iran Deal

Middle East
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The following statement was shared with Mondoweiss by the signatories:

An Urgent request from a group of former Iranian Political Prisoners

Please contact your representative to support the Iran Nuclear Deal.

We are a group of former political prisoners of the Islamic Republic of Iran that reside in the United States of America.  Although we share different political beliefs and ideologies, we  support the Vienna nuclear accord of July 14, 2015 between the Islamic Republic of Iran and P5+1.

We believe this agreement would reinforce peace and stability in the Middle East and the world. It will help develop and foster a relationship between both the Iranian and American people that will strongly benefit the interests of both nations. Furthermore, such an agreement will help counter the spread of terrorism within the region and around the world.

We humbly ask you to contact your representatives in both Houses to support this agreement which helps peace and humanity.


Reza Afshar; Computer science – Orange County , California

Reza Fani-Yzadi; IT Specialist, HR Activist – Berkeley

Hassan Kalantari; Engineer, Social and Political Activist – S.F.Valley

Roozbeh Mir Ebrahimi; Journalist , New York

Ebrahim Nabavi; Satirist , Winner of Prince Claus Award – Irvine

Bijan Pirzadeh; Civil Engineer , Human Right Activist – Los Angeles

Dr. Azita Rezvan; PHD- Policy Development – Los Angeles

Dr. Mir Hamid Salek; Dentist , Journalist – Bakersfield, Ca

Massoud Shabafrooz; Criminologist, Civic Society Activist, Fresno

Ali  Shakeri; Peacebuilder, Center for Citizen [email protected]

August 9 , 2015

لطفا ! با  نمایندگان کنگره و سنا ؛ برای تأیید و تصویب “توافق بین ایران و قدرت‌های ۵+۱”؛ تماس گیرید

ما به عنوان جمعی‌ از زندانیان سیاسی سابق جمهوری اسلامی ایران ، ساکن آمریکا ، با باورهای متفاوت ؛ توافق هسته‌ای وین ۱۴ جولای ۲۰۱۵ بین ایران و قدرت‌های ۵+۱ را در خدمت صلح و ثبات خاورمیانه و جهان ، ایجاد محیطی‌ دوستانه در خدمت منافع مردم آمریکا & ایران ، و کمکی‌ به مبارزه علیه هیولای تروریسم ؛ دانسته و از آن پشتیبانی می‌کنیم.

با تواضع از شما تقاضا داریم که با نمایندگان مجلس و سنا تماس گرفته و از آنها بخواهید که از این توافق در خدمت صلح و کرامت انسانی‌ ؛ دفاع کنند.

اسامی : رضا افشار ، رضا فانی-یزدی ، حسن کلانتری ، روزبه میر ابراهیمی ، ابراهیم نبوی ، بیژن پیرزاده ، آزیتا رضوان ، میر حمید سالک ، مسعود شب افروز ، علی‌ شاکری

نهم اوت ۲۰۱۵

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8 Responses

  1. Citizen
    August 11, 2015, 3:31 pm

    Meanwhile, on the Bibi side of the Iran deal, somebody got a mess of crippled US ME war vets to shoulder Bibi-AIPAC fear wagon. TV ad pummeling US cable TV audience today. Forgive them Lord; they know not what they do. Or as my Dad always said: “Cannon Fodder.” He was right; as a youth, I didn’t listen.

  2. JLewisDickerson
    August 11, 2015, 10:44 pm

    I just took action to tell Senator Chuck Schumer (#WarmongerChuck) not to lead Democrats into war with Iran. I think you should too! –

  3. Kay24
    August 12, 2015, 3:42 pm

    Here is some good news for the Iranians, which is sure to dear Bibi:

    Switzerland Lifts Sanctions Against Iran
    Swiss government calls lifting of sanctions ‘a sign of its support’ for nuclear deal’s implementation.
    read more:

    Now watch the zionists attack Switzerland and try to “shame” it. Ha ha.

  4. Citizen
    August 13, 2015, 10:40 am

    CSPAN has #FDD (Foundation For Defense Of Democracies) speaking now @ 10:39 EST Aug . 13, 2015 FYI: FDD is funded by pro-Israel war mongers:

  5. Kathleen
    August 16, 2015, 4:23 pm

    Thanks Mondo editors

    First our Reps should read the Iran deal. Confirming the deal is solid as a rock. Then if they need more reasons. Let’s start to count the reasons why they should vote for U.S. National Security…not against:
    1. An open letter from retired generals and admirals on the Iran nuclear deal
    The retired brass support the agreement and said diplomacy should be given a chance to work
    2 .UN Security Council endorses Iran deal The United Nations Security Council on Monday unanimously adopted a resolution supporting the nuclear deal struck by the Obama administration, Iran and other world powers.
    3. Ex-Intel Chief: Iran Deal Good for Israel
    4. Head of Group Opposing Iran Accord Quits Post, Saying He Backs Deal
    By MICHAEL R. GORDON AUG. 11, 2015
    WASHINGTON — When the bipartisan advocacy group United Against Nuclear Iran decided last week to mobilize opposition against the nuclear deal with Tehran, Gary Samore knew he could no longer serve as its president.
    The reason: After long study, Mr. Samore, a former nuclear adviser to President Obama, had concluded that the accord was in the United States’ interest.
    5. 9 Reasons to Support the Iran Deal
    It’s impossible to “solve” the Iranian nuclear threat. This agreement is the next best thing.
    6. Bipartisan Group of 60 Senior National Security Leaders Endorse Iran Deal

  6. wondering jew
    wondering jew
    August 18, 2015, 3:19 pm

    This is from the Daily Beast. August 14th.

    Iranian dissidents opposed to the deal.

    Iranian human rights activists warn the West not to give money to the regime that terrorizes them.

    In the past few weeks, some Iranian activists have vocally supported the nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1 (China, Russia, France, United Kingdom, United States and Germany). While we deeply respect the experience and views of these men and women, it is important to hear all perspectives.

    We represent another collection of Iranian activists who share the world’s hope for a better future but believe that appeasing the Iranian regime will lead to a more dangerous world.

    We have spent our lives advocating for peace, justice and freedom in Iran. We represent a diverse array of Iranians who hope to warn the world of the danger of this regime regardless of how many centrifuges spin in Iran.

    “This money will not be spent on the Iranian people but rather to enrich a repressive regime.”
    This deal will provide up to $150 billion windfall of cash into the bank account of our tyrants and theocrats. This money will not be spent on the Iranian people but rather to enrich a repressive regime.

    Sadly, the world has not demanded real improvements in human rights. Thousands of activists continue to languish behind bars (including several Americans) and it is tragic that their release was not included in these discussions.

    We are sounding the alarm bells before it is too late. Those who care about peace should help restore focus to the Iranian regime’s brutal human rights records, its support for global terror and role in destabilizing the Middle East. More pressure should be applied to the regime, not less.

    One day when the Iranian people are finally free, they will hold an accounting of who stood on their side and who stood on the regime’s. It is not too late to hold the Iranian regime accountable for their continued human rights violations.

    Today in Iran, political prisoners are tortured. Bloggers, journalists and teachers remain behind bars. Sexual and religious rights are trampled. Women are treated as second class citizens.

    Western apologists and appeasers of Iranian theocracy do no favors to the Iranian people. They distance the likelihood of positive change and undercut the hopes of the Iranian people.

    When the Iranian regime no longer fears its people, then the world will no longer have a reason to fear the Iranian regime.

    For the list of signatories look at the Daily Beast link.

    (Given that the deal has already been signed, I am in favor of the Congress not overturning the US participation in the deal. But certainly the voices of the dissidents should be heard.)

    • just
      August 18, 2015, 6:11 pm

      “But certainly the voices of the dissidents should be heard.”

      They have been, yonah.

      Thanks for this piece, MW editors.

    • eljay
      August 19, 2015, 7:25 am

      … It is not too late to hold the Iranian regime accountable for their continued human rights violations. … When the Iranian regime no longer fears its people, then the world will no longer have a reason to fear the Iranian regime. …

      Also: It is not too late to hold the Israeli regime accountable for their continued human rights violations and sundry (war) crimes. … When the Israeli regime no longer fears its people, then the world will no longer have a reason to fear the Israeli regime.

      Therefore, let’s apply more pressure to both regimes until they have:
      – embraced justice, accountability and equality;
      – been held accountable for their past and on-going (war) crimes; and
      – fully divested themselves of all weapons of mass destruction.

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