Defying Obama on Iran deal, Schumer cites Hamas

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I think he will still replace Reid.[…] The USA will get more and more isolated from the world. Watch coverage of this, mostly for what won’t be said on tv news/infotainment shows. BTW Cruz said last night during the debate one of the first things he would do if POTUS… Read more »

As I have argued in the past, this is more about conventional weapons and regime change than non existent nuclear weapons [and known to be non existent]. As for Iran being a state sponsor of terrorism, it depends how you define terrorism. Iran clearly supplies weapons and money to Hezbollah,… Read more »

Good comment HarryLaw I think Scott Roth has it spot on: “The truth is the deal is probably going 2 pass & assholes like @SenSchumer and @RepSteveIsrael will get 2 say they were the tough holdouts.” I doubt this double agent would have come out against the deal if he… Read more »

RE: “The politician everyone’s been waiting for, NY Senator Chuck Schumer made his announcement against the Iran deal tonight” ~ Weiss MY COMMENT: Was there really ever any doubt?* * FROM THE CENTER FOR RESPONSIVE POLITICS ( ■ Pro-Israel: Money to Congress • All cycles • Top 20 Members •… Read more »

Schumers attitude to Iran is probably the same as the London Metropolitan police, in this amazing incident in central London. A family had left their motor home [parked up in central London] with a sign on the side ‘Iran is great’ upon return they found it had been broken into… Read more »