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November 2015

‘There is no justice here in Israel’: Two found guilty of murdering Mohammed Abu Khdeir, but ringleader verdict delayed

Allison Deger on

An Israeli court today convicted two Jewish minors who abducted and burned Mohammed Abu Khdeir alive in July 2014. The court delayed ruling on the alleged ringleader, 29-year old settler Yosef Haim Ben-David pending an additional psychiatric evaluation. “Frankly I was shocked. I hoped they all would get a punishment,” said the mother of the victim, Suha Abu Khdeir, 45, from her living room hours after the trial ended. “It’s like they burned him again.”

The rise of psychological trauma in occupied Palestine

Megan Hanna on

Recent Israeli raids on Palestinian hospitals and schools have coincided with a rise in psychological trauma in the occupied Palestinian territory. But it’s not just Israel’s military actions that are contributing to this worrying trend. The lack of accountability for settlers whose violent attacks are rarely prosecuted and seem to operate in an environment of impunity also play a part. A report from Médecins du Monde France released last month assessed the psychological damage to 72 direct and indirect victims of the Duma arson, where a Palestinian family was burned alive inside their home. Their findings showed that 82% of the beneficiaries are at severe risk of developing PTSD, and 45% are unable to carry out daily activities such as cleaning and cooking.

‘New York Times’ uncorks laughable Israeli propaganda

James North on
New York Times headquarters

Jodi Rudoren’s latest p.r. release for Israel in the New York Times says Jews were making wine there 1000s of years before the Muslims came, so it must be our land — and jibes at the EU’s new labeling standards for settlement goods

David Grossman’s love letter to Israel, warts and all

Claire Paddock on

Israeli novelist David Grossman is a face of liberal Zionism around the world. Yet his 2008 novel To the End of the Land fails as a love letter to Israel; it is nationalistic and treats Arabs as animalistic

Golem and Big Brother

Abba Solomon on

Israel now is selling tested police technologies and methods to the world, an ironic development for a movement founded by members who knew well of the Czar’s and the Bolshevik secret police, and who feared the Cossack’s sword. A review of Jeff Halper’s new book.

International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People: An indigenous rights perspective

Ahmad Moussa on

In 1977 the UN General Assembly designated November 29 as a day for Annual Observance for the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. The time has come where the world needs to recognize this day for what it is — A day in solidarity with indigenous peoples and indigenous rights and most importantly recognizing the indigeneity of the Palestinian struggle.

In the ‘NYT,’ fear of Trump’s police state

Philip Weiss on

Israeli rage over the media’s treatment of Palestinian violence suggests that an understanding of the violence of the Israeli occupation is at last penetrating a wide U.S. audience

10,000 Palestinians injured since October 1

Kate on

Violence / Detentions — West Bank, Jerusalem 104 Palestinians killed by Israeli forces since October 1 (List) IMEMC 27 Nov — The full list of the 104 Palestinians and 16 Israelis killed since October 1st is below. In the latest numbers on injuries, from this past Friday, November 20th, the Palestinian Health Ministry reported that […]

Three Palestinian 16-year-olds killed in one day

Kate on

Violence / Detentions — West Bank, Jerusalem 3 more Palestinian teens dead after alleged stabbing incidents Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian teenager on Monday afternoon after he allegedly attempted to stab an Israeli soldier at the Huwwara checkpoint south of Nablus, Israel’s army said. An Israeli army spokesperson said that as the Palestinian […]

Video: ‘One Word’ ad campaign banned by Boston Metro — again

Annie Robbins on

There was a big shebang in Boston yesterday over the Palestine Advocacy Project’s massively popular “ONE WORD” ad campaign at the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) Fiscal and Management Control Board public meeting. The MBTA management board (locally known as “the T”) heard public testimony before a vote on Monday afternoon the T decided to ban political issue advertising on the transit system. The ads are coming down.

The pledge of allegiance

Katie Miranda on

Katie Miranda imagines a not-too-distant future where Muslims are forced to demonstrate their allegiance to the United States.

Transnational legal actions threaten to end Israeli impunity

Sagiv Galai on

The past few months have been a headache for a select group of Israel’s political echelon. International solidarity activists and their legal advocates have begun to gain traction in a series of petitions alleging war crimes in a variety of international judicial forums. The development of this legal strategy has not received much recognition, but the implications are real; a game-changer in the fight for justice and accountability in Palestine.

Massachusetts state senators urged to cancel trip to Israel

Nancy Murray on

All-expenses-paid junkets to Israel organized for elected officials and community leaders by a lobbying group, the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston, have generally attracted little public comment. But that is changing. Boston Alliance for Water Justice is pressuring ten state senators who are due to travel to Israel early December and asking them to reconsider their participation in a delegation designed to present Israel in a positive light and mute international condemnation of its treatment of Palestinians.

Affirming the rights of students to organize, protest, and resist

Mondoweiss Editors on

Faculty and graduate student members of CUNY for Palestine, reiterate their unequivocal support for students to organize for social justice, and to protest against injustices, without having their rights to free speech and free assembly infringed upon or violated by members of the university administration or law enforcement.

Protesters stage citizen’s arrest of Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely at West Coast Ha’aretz conference

Annie Robbins on

Bay Area activists pulled off an awesome action yesterday at Haaretz’s Zionism 3.0: Israel’s Place in Tomorrow’s World conference in Palo Alto, California. As Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely was introduced and stepped up to the podium a clear voice rung out: “Tzipi Hotovely this is a citizens’ arrest! We charge you with inciting colonial violence.”