Dershowitz will play Trump in Clinton’s debate rehearsal, WNYC reports

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You probably have to summer on Martha’s Vineyard to find this amusing, but WNYC radio’s Richard Hake said Thursday that Hillary Clinton has lined up an appropriate stand-in in her debate training: Alan Dershowitz will play Donald Trump ahead of the first debate, on September 26 at Hofstra University. Hake:

The Clinton campaign has been looking for  surrogate to play Trump so she can practice and they are bringing in the well known criminal and constitutional law attorney Alan Dershowitz.

Update: Politico says Dershowitz says he has not been asked to play the role (surely picking up on our post without credit).

The cover of Alan Dershowitz's book "Chutzpah"
The cover of Alan Dershowitz’s book “Chutzpah”

Clinton supporter Mark Green, former public advocate for New York, responded that Alan Dershowitz was his law professor as a young man, and that he’s “quick talking, New Yorkish, loud– of course a liberal– and he can mimic Trump pretty well.”

I’m not so sure Dershowitz is a liberal. He just smacked Black Lives Matter down, and he’s an unregenerate supporter of human rights abuses in Palestine. But Mark Green is a big supporter of Israel and so is Dershowitz; and Dershowitz endorsed Green for Public Advocate in 2009. So everyone is happy.

Bringing in Dershowitz is yet another nod by Hillary Clinton, as if she needed to, to assure the Israel lobby that she’s in their corner. Dershowitz will live another day, or another year, on talk show invites for this service. We’ll never be rid of him.

Since posting, a couple of friends have pointed out to me that Dershowitz is perfectly prepared to play Trump. As David Samel observed:

Amusing? Yes.  Surprising? No.  I had been thinking about how Dersh is simply a more refined version of Trump.  Enormous ego, instinctive bully, excellent PR skills unencumbered by even a trace of conscience or integrity.  I would bet they’d hate each other because of, not despite, their similarities.

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PHIL- “…Alan Dershowitz will play Donald Trump ahead of the first debate, on September 26 at Hofstra University.”

Birds of a feather flock together! What ties Alan Dershowitz, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump together? Jeffrey Epstein! Will they all party hearty after the debate?

While trying to sell my book — did I say? Malvern? — the NY Times approved my ($5000!) ad: “And You Thought Alan Dershowitz Was the Worst Thing About Harvard.” Genesis of ad: the Crimson had refused to sell the book. Anyway, guy at the Times said all I had to do was have “advertisement” somewhere in the ad, as well as a graphic of the book. Done. Send them the pdf file. Then the… Read more »

So the dersh is going to demean and insult Trump and then expect him to give his undying support to the state that dershowitz gives his loyalty to at the expense of the US.Can Trump be that boneheaded.Trump ought to be calling dersowits out in public for his traitorous disloyalty .


One clown impersonating another, in the service of preparing a war criminal for the presidency of the U.S.A. You can’t make this stuff up, people. Maybe I won’t regret leaving this world…