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September 2016

Palestinian citizens of Israel decry political suppression as police arrest Balad Party officials

Skylar Lindsay on

Over 30 activists and senior officials from the Arab National Democratic Assembly, or Balad party, have been arrested in recent weeks on charges ranging from money laundering to mishandling campaign contributions, in what many in the Palestinian community are calling a new wave of political persecution. “The arrests are being used to scare Palestinians by using false information,” said Balad Knesset Member Jamal Zahalka. “They are a means to stop Palestinians wanting to change their situation.”

A look back at what Snowden told the world about the U.S.-Israel relationship

Alex Kane on

Edward Snowden is back in the news, thanks in large part to Oliver Stone’s new biopic of the whistleblower. While the movie focuses on what Snowden revealed about U.S. surveillance of Americans, Snowden also revealed a great deal about the U.S.-Israeli relationship. Snowden’s leaks provide an unprecedented look at how the U.S. and Israel share intelligence, and also reveal the tensions in the relationship. Mondoweiss takes a look back at Snowden’s revelations about Israel and the United States.

Shimon Peres and the nuclear world

Ted Snider on

Shimon Peres was central to the creation of Israel’s nuclear weapon program, the development of the Apartheid regime’s nuclear weapon program in South Africa and was responsible for recasting Iran as a nuclear bogeyman and archenemy of the Western world. None of these three key moments will be mentioned as the press remembers Shimon Peres, but they all played important roles in the story of the nuclear threat faced by the world.

Trump’s Israel advisor (again) argues for annexation of the West Bank with bad math

Allison Deger on

Donald Trump’s Israel advisor again raised the possibility of his candidate backing the Israeli annexation of the occupied West Bank, while dining with the representative of a settler organization in New York during the “last two weeks,” according to a report published by Israel’s Channel 2 who obtained a video of the meeting.

Clinton and Trump lack a plan for Iraq other than more war

Wilson Dizard on

Neither Clinton nor Trump have a long-term plan for Iraq or the middle east that doesn’t involve war. Clinton wants to destroy ISIS, but doesn’t offer any reason other than ISIS must be destroyed. Israel/Palestine, although it helps drive the religiously motivated violence in the region, doesn’t even register for either candidate.

‘Night Raid’ exhibit coming to DC shares striking images of life under occupation

Jennifer Bing on

Israeli arrest raids into towns and villages across the West Bank, army interrogations without parental or legal counsel, and sentencing in military courts are the reality of many Palestinian children, some as young as 12 years old. This experience is highlighted in the photography exhibit “Night Raid,” opening at Gallery Al-Quds in Washington, DC on September 30. Photojournalist Richard Cahan knocked on doors in the occupied West Bank late at night and asked residents to stand for pictures in their doorways. The results are a striking image of life under occupation.

Shimon Peres, Israel’s greatest ambassador, will be remembered for enabling oppression of the Palestinians

Marc H. Ellis on

As a military and political person, Shimon Peres did it all from the beginning of the state of Israel. Peres fought for the new born state of Israel, held many and varied political offices during the course of Israel’s history, including Prime Minister and President, played a key role in Israel’s development of nuclear weapons and encouraged and augmented Israel’s settlement project in Jerusalem and the West Bank. As important was Peres’s role in portraying Israel as a Jewish and democratic state around the world. From the beginning, Palestinians knew a different Israel and, with time, more and more Jews do, too. Though Peres will be widely celebrated in the upper echelons of American and European power in the coming days, Peres will be remembered for enabling a narrative of Jewish innocence and redemption that was, also, something much more sinister from the beginning.

Shimon Peres, dead at 93

Mondoweiss Editors on

Shimon Peres, a three-time prime minister and former president from Israel’s generation of founders has died at the age of 93. Although celebrated internationally as a humanitarian and peacemaker, Peres true legacy includes the ongoing colonization of Palestinian lands and creation of Israel’s nuclear weapon program.

The secret location for a debriefing on Palestinian art at the Guggenheim

Mariam C Said on

Mariam Said registered up for a one-on-one debriefing on Palestinian art before 1948 at the Guggenheim Museum and was told it would take place “at a secret location within the museum.” The presentation was given by an Israeli man who shared no video or slides or any visual piece of art except for three pieces he showed on his cell phone. Said left feeling that she had been taken on a ride, and since has been asking what all this was about.

No responsibility. No morality. No comment. No boycott.

Robert Cohen on

Let’s call out the absurd arguments by the Jewish diaspora against boycotting Israeli settlement project. Everywhere else in the world, genuine democracy appears to strengthen national stability, but in Israel it’s presented as the worse possible thing that could happen.

With Governor Brown’s signature, California joins the attack on BDS

Alex Kane on

California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill against the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement on Saturday. Brown’s signature makes California the 13th state to enact an anti-BDS measure, most of which bar state contracts or pension funds from going to entities that support BDS. California is one of the most significant prizes that pro-Israel groups have won. It’s the most populous state in the country and activists groups on opposing sides of the issue have waged intense battles over BDS and Israel-Palestine.

Over 1,000 faculty members sign statement condemning ‘Canary Mission’ blacklist

Nada Elia on

Over the past few years, as support for Palestinian rights has grown across the United States, student members of SJP chapters nationally have been facing intense online harassment for speaking up for Palestinian rights. One particular organization, the Canary Mission, has led multiple concerted attacks against students and faculty, tweeting about them as “Jew haters” and “terrorists” to potential employers. Over 1000 professors, representing a variety of viewpoints on Israel/Palestine, signed a statement insisting that the Canary Mission has no place on university campuses, and should not be taken seriously by university departments when evaluating prospective students for admission.

Honor Edward Said’s legacy by supporting BDS

Nada Elia on
Edward Said

September 25, 2016 marked the thirteenth anniversary of the passing of Professor Edward Said, one of the most influential intellectuals of the twentieth century, and a political icon for anyone invested in the Question of Palestine. And as happens with many historical icons, Said’s legacy is causing a tug-of-war between “liberal Zionists” on the one hand, and the thousands of anti-Zionist critics and BDS activists his radical scholarship and political engagement have spawned.

Comments reloaded back to December 31, 2010; User profiles

Adam Horowitz on

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