Video: Israeli soldiers’ nighttime raid of house of two Palestinians killed in demonstrations

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This video of a nighttime raid on the Abu Rahma family in occupied Bil’in in Palestine was posted by journalist Hamde Abu Rahme today. You can see eight heavily-armed and helmeted soldiers exit the Abu Rahma house at the end of the video. Bassem Abu Rahma was killed by Israeli forces with a tear gas canister fired at close range during a peaceful demonstration in 2009. His sister Jawaher Abu Rahma died in 2012 from inhalation of tear gas fired on the village, also during a demonstration.

Hamde Abu Rahme writes:

Seeing the Israeli occupation forces last night, raiding the house of my cousins Bassem and Jawaher abu Rahma, who were murdered by the Israeli occupation forces in cold blood, in peaceful demonstrations and seeing how they wake the family up in the middle of the night, to steal their computers and phones and not letting anyone enter or leave, because they declare it a closed military zone, makes me so deeply mad and sad for all what this family have to go through. I don’t know what to say. It’s hard for me to see all the injustice that my family face by living under the israeli occupation. It’s hard to see part of your family lose their beloved ones and it’s that’s not the only thing. They can’t even have a peaceful night to sleep, because they were born under the occupation. They are forced to live this life because they stand on their land they refuse to leave. It’s hard for me to see the owners prevented from entering the house to see their children, because there are strangers inside blocking the way and declaring it a closed military zone, when in fact they are vandalising, and stealing computers and phones. They also raided 3 other Palestinian houses in the village where they took their computers and phones as well. But this is the reality in palestine, you may not know about. This is the life under the israeli occupation in


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Where are the international human rights responses and enforcement of human rights laws in these cases of horrible abuse, Heard a former Israeli soldier in Boulder Colorado talk about his participation in these human rights abuses, Israeli soldiers are terrorist in large part

Terrifying for all,,,especially children, Clearly the intent of Israel…..wanting the Palestinians people to be in a perpetual state of fear and anxiety,