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Adelson: My ‘most important’ project ups Jewish inmarriage from 42 to 76 percent

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Sheldon Adelson funds Republican supporters of Israel, including Donald Trump; and here he states that Israel and its role in preserving American Jewish identity is the most important issue to him. This video is from Arutz Sheva‘s coverage of the Israeli American Council conference in Washington last week. Adelson says:

“In this country– the one thing the Jews have been searching for for 3000 years is acceptance and assimilation. And now that we’ve achieved acceptance and assimilation, it’s turning out to be our undoing.”

That’s because only 42 percent of young Jews of Birthright age, 18-26, marry Jews or say that they will raise their children Jewish.

“In another two or three generations, there won’t be any secular Jews left. Think about that. For 3,000 years we’ve been fighting for acceptance, and now that we’ve been accepted – it’s turning around to kill us. So this is the most important program of my lifetime.”

Because, he says, by going on Birthright, a free trip to Israel for American Jews, “that number jumps from 42 to 76 percent.”

So Adelson supports Israel so as to support the continuity of the Jewish people, and the self-segregation of secular Jews, who by the way are among the most privileged groups in American society. And for Israel, Adelson called on Obama to nuke Iran.

I cant wait for another piece in the liberal media about the Koch brothers– when the Israel lobby is right under their nose, and its values are often obnoxious.

And bear in mind: Eli Clifton just reported that Trump has not wavered on any number of controversial stands, but on Israel/Palestine he did a 180, and did  so, evidently, because of Adelson’s $25 million. Influence.

On a key issue, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Trump has made a 180-degree shift in his position. And, for a candidate who proudly boasts about self-funding and not being in the pocket of billionaires and special interests, his shift has coincided with a $25 million infusion of Super PAC funds from casino billionaire, and pro-Israel mega donor, Sheldon Adelson.

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  1. Kathleen on October 3, 2016, 9:04 pm

    Adelson unabashed in his celebration of ethnocentricity.

    Phil have you noticed how often Chris Matthews refers to the deadly chosen wars, interventions in Iraq, Libya, Syria as “stupid” wars. Stupid…that is the strongest description Chris Matthews can come up with for these crimes against humanity that both the Bush and Obama administrations have been involved in. “stupid” He says this over and over again. My latest comment at CM’s fb Hardball page “Monday Oct 3. Chris why do you continually refer to the middle east wars which we know Clinton has been deeply involved in pushing for as “stupid” over and over again you call those wars “stupid” Come on Matthews you are more of a wordsmith than that. (although dishonest in your application). Those horrific decisions that HRC has been deeply involved in making have been catastrophic, horrific, cataclysmic, devastating, dreadful, horrendous, horrible, frightful, fearful, awful, terrible, atrocious, heinous; horrifying, shocking, appalling, harrowing, gruesome;
    hideous, grisly, gory, ghastly, unspeakable, monstrous, nightmarish, sickening. Crimes against humanity, war crimes. Take your pick Mr. Wordsmith or include them all. Your weak description of the cost of U.S. actions in the middle east are pathetic and and deeply disrespectful of all of those who have lost their lives, been injured and turned into refugees because of the gruesome decisions that Clinton has been deeply involved in. If there is a hell she is going to be spending some time there.”

  2. Kathleen on October 4, 2016, 7:46 am

    Keep going back and taping “post comment” again and again

    • amigo on October 6, 2016, 12:35 pm

      That worked for me on just two of many efforts and the annoying part was that on one of those two occasions my posts ( i posted a trial version and when that showed up I followed with a regular post and both of those were deleted some 20 hours later..I just posted on the BDS thread , using your method and it showed up so lets see if it survives moderation.

      It,s difficult enough to keep trying to comment but to have the rare successful post deleted is truly disheartening.

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