Alan Dershowitz has threatened to leave the Democratic Party if Keith Ellison becomes chair

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Hurrah! Another Israel-firster and anti- justice goon gone!

Happy New Year, Adam!

Hmmm , First Brexit and now Dexit .Given Nietandyahu,s political and legal problems we could be looking at a Nexit in the not too distant future.

Really? Good riddance to Dersh-bag, and take Chuck with you! Oh and Bibi has some posts you can fill, so you no longer have to pretend, America first.

Dersh is still employed at Harvard Law School? I thought he had left that job for something in Israel.

I’ld advise Alan Dershowitz to open up his own party. He could call it “The 1% party” and make it’s main slogan “The party of the 1% – 100% pro Israel Lobby, 100% pro Neocon and 100% pro Wall Street.” When running in elections he’ld soon figure out how popular… Read more »