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I looked into her eyes


And I said

We are free 



My blood ran cold

Through my neck

And into my head

The air swelled

In my throat



So sweet

A fleeting instant

Of beauty


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i love this poem! love rawan’s voice, her talent is pure genius. btw, this amazing photo (and description) was sent to me by her brother Ahmed just a few days ago. it’s very much a coincidence how the two came together in this draft. i had seen the photo last summer and fell in love with it and after months it finally arrived in my inbox. i thought of it within reading rawan’s poem, and… Read more »

always nice to see rawan put pen on paper…

Such incredible beauty…

Thank you so much, Rawan, Ahmed and Annie.

Of course you enjoyed your time together. Have happy times today and all of your tomorrows, too.