Against Israel, Hamas and Fatah

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I am not sorry for the language.

I am very tired of Israel and I proudly say, again and again: Fuck the Occupation.

I also know that since Hamas came to power by being democratically elected in 2006, the international community rejected democracy and refused to deal with them.

Then some Fatah leaders, these so-called ‘socialists’ and ‘seculars’, used this opportunity to limit Hamas’ power which created greater tension in our country, resulting in Hamas’ military factions expelling the PA/Fateh from Gaza.

And that’s the short version.

I love the people of Gaza. I love them more than Hamas and Fateh love them.

No human deserves to live like the people of Gaza.

I was forced to grow up in this political climate. It made it very difficult for us political activists to realize our potential to end the occupation and build a Palestinian state where we can live with freedom, justice, dignity and peace and without any affiliation with any of those parties.

Having to spend so much of our energy to struggle against these co-called ‘Islamic’ or ‘secular’ parties, I am growing more tired of them everyday.

In Gaza, I had to watch behind my back when I talked, when I wrote articles, when I wrote posts on Facebook and Twitter, when I gave seminars or when I walked in the streets of Gaza.


Because Hamas jailed me for all of that. I have been jailed for calling for social justice, for protesting against the Israeli occupation, for criticizing Hamas on Facebook, for protesting for students’ rights, for demanding to travel out of the country to speak about the Gaza blockade in different countries with different solidarity groups and political organizations.

Hamas has used the last 10 years in Gaza to not only strengthen their presence but to drown out the voices of all those who spoke out against them. The leftists, the seculars or even just young activists beginning to be politically or artistically aware. Anyone who wasn’t sharing their so-called ‘Islamic values’, who weren’t part of this sect/party, have to watch their back.

When I was in Gaza, I was kidnapped, imprisoned, interrogated and abused. I was prevented from traveling and was even prevented from writing online sometimes.

My family was so scared for me after I received death threats from so-called ‘Islamists’ who are part of Hamas.

In those days, I said fuck Hamas many times. I said it, and I say it again, every time, my friends were jailed or whenever I heard about their brutality as I do now in the Jabalia Refugee Camp, where I’m from, where people simply asking them to solve the 12 year-long electricity problem were met with violence.

I am sorry for all these Hamas members who have to go through Islamic brainwashing making them forget that we have a bigger cause to fight alongside everyone. And by everyone, I mean everyone. The seculars, the leftists, the Jews, the Christians. Anyone fighting for human rights and justice deserves our support. This struggle is a political one, one of justice and human rights.

Before I forget: Fuck Fateh.

The PA/Fateh played a big role in creating mistrust, insecurity and fear. It is the PA’s corruption which was the main reason why Hamas won the elections in 2006 in the first place. Fateh, which refused to be transparent with the Palestinian people and which also violated their rights in the West Bank, isolated Gaza and has refused to reunite with Hamas after more than 10 years.

We need to come together and focus on finding a just peace soon to make the life of Gaza’s remaining children better. I just want peace.

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I’m with your simple equal rights & justice agenda, & so are many supporting #BDS Too bad TPTB R not.

The birth pangs of a nation whose people seem to have finally accepted the ugly truth about what it takes to join the world in fighting for self-determination and independence as a modern nation that has been forced by a vicious occupier to fight back, sometimes to the death, to save their national identity and their hope to survive into the future. The sooner the Palestinians accept what the zios know and practice (for and… Read more »

You are saying f-occupation but not, at least not explicitly, f-Israel, though Israel wearies you as do Fateh and Hamas. Is it your view that you and we all have to be resigned to Israel 48’s existence or that the occupation is simply the worst feature of Israel, revealing the true nature of the whole?

I’ll say only that one of the most pernicious effects of blockading and isolating the people of the West Bank and Gaza is that Israel — to some extent — eventually succeeds in setting Palestinians against Palestinians. Can’t you hear Israeli leadership cackling with glee? Stand strong against their evildoing, brothers and sisters!

Let me say that the whole Palestinian factions are struggling against the occupation since decades. I DON’T know how could you insult that resistance by using “Fuck”? I am sure you are not aware of your national issue.

This respectful news site is interested in the Palestinian issue since years, and you seek to corrupt all the previous achievements in this article?