63 wells destroyed, 5310 trees, 150 doors: a chronicle of the occupation in Hebron district

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Susie Kneedler introduces a chronicle of 2016 abuses: 

Abdulhadi Hantash keeps records on the ever-increasing violence of Israel’s illegal occupation in the Hebron area of the West Bank, including these figures from 2016. Hantash is a field consultant to the Palestinian Prime Minister for Wall and Settlement Affairs, and he chairs the non-profit organization, Land Defense Committee for the Hebron District in the West Bank, where he has worked as a land surveyor/cartographer for more than 30 years.  He served on a special task force for the Geneva Conventions on human rights abuses for many years and testified in Israeli courts more than three hundred times. 

Hantash is particularly attuned to Israel’s effort to give a veneer of legality through hundreds of military laws to its theft of Palestinian land, says my friend Mary Yoder, who met Hantash while volunteering with Christian Peacemaker teams in 2002. He is “a courageous person with relentless energy,” she says. “He knows every dunum in Hebron and has often been targeted by the Israeli military.  Palestinians and Israelis highly regard his expertise.”                               

Here is his latest report. 

2016 Hebron District, West Bank Special Report: Crimes committed against Palestinians by the Israeli military occupation forces and Israeli settlers.

The area covers 375,000 acres (1.5 million dunams)
The Palestinian population includes more than 706,000 people

2016 is the year of the enormous settlement expansion and house raids – doubled from 2015. Senior Israeli military officers continue to execute and kidnap Palestinians citizens.*  Meanwhile, US lawmakers are busy passing laws prohibiting boycotts of Israeli products. The atrocities committed by the ‘finest’ military in the world are listed below.

Palestinians killed: 37 Martyrs

Land confiscation and dredging operations: 229 acres (military and settlers)

Uprooting or burning of trees: 5310 trees, close to Yatta, Halhul, Dahria, Bet Ula, Alarub

Preventing of field work (agriculture): 10 cases

Damage to agricultural crops: 105 acres destroyed

Construction of units & caravans [trailers]: added 560 new housing units & multiple caravans

The construction of settler roads: 2 cases

Military orders: 9 in the old city of Hebron, 1 in Bet Umar, 4 in Yatta, 3 in Dahria, 1 in Dura, just to make commercial centers and medical centers for settlers; to expand settlements and to add houses: 818 Acres

Stop building and demolition notices: 308 orders: in Idna, Bet Ula, Yatta, Halhul, Hebron, Ramadin, Dahria, Al Kom, Bet Umer, Karma, and Dura

The Demolition of Homes and Bombing Attacks

Demolition of houses / barracks rooms / agricultural structures / factories / caves / tents: 160 cases close to Yatta, Dura, Idna, Saer, Bani Naeem, Bet Umar, Al Arrub, Dhariya

Demolition water wells: 63 wells

Stop building and Demolition orders: 308 orders

Evacuation orders: 5 cases

Destroying/dynamiting doors of homes or shops: 150 doors

Private homes seized for military barracks: 200 homes

Closure of shops under gun threats: 19 shops

Breaking into shops and smashing contents: 200 cases

Confiscation of farm machinery: 7 cases

Military operations

Raids of private homes: 5218 raid attacks throughout Hebron district

Shooting at homes and civilians, theft of property, stealing of gold coins, smashing contents of homes, taking computers, mobile devices, cameras, and DVD players, raiding institutional supplies, gas stations: 1150 cases

Raids of schools: 15 cases

Raids of institutions and factories: 75 cases

Mixing food contents so the food is inedible by a household: 10 cases

Storming villages / towns / refugee camps: 1450 storming operations

Shooting at citizens: 220 cases

Gas bombs used: 320 cases

Stun grenades used: 300 cases

Arrest of citizens: up to 1508, many released in hours, others still in custody

Beating citizens: 283 citizens, students, teachers

Chasing pedestrians in army jeeps: 4 cases, running over 8 people

Chasing workers on the job: 77 cases

Forcing citizens to undress: 4 cases

Attacking worshipers: 140

Assaulting school students, teachers, university students: 70 cases

Attacking farmers: 80 cases; journalists: 18 cases; foreigners: 6 cases; demonstrators: 14 cases

Using citizens as human shields: 12 cases

Kidnapping citizens: 7 citizens

Joint army attacks with settlers: 35 cases

Blocking ambulance and fire crews: 10 cases

Closure of roads / entrances to villages and towns: 549 cases

Detention of Palestinian vehicles: 10 cases

Preventing access to the Tomb of the Patriarchs: DAILY

Declaration of closed military zones: 20 cases

Storming of mosques: 3 cases

Destruction of water networks and electricity networks: 11 cases

Closure of institutions: 11 cases

Erecting new military towers: 2 cases

Prohibiting access to farmland:19 cases

Landing military aircraft: 8 cases of operations

Settler Attacks 

Attacking homes: 105 cases

Smashing cars: 30 cars

Beating Palestinian citizens: 107 citizens

Attacks on farmers, school students, children, shopkeepers, ambulance crews, shepherds: 199 cases

Sexualized humiliation: 82 cases

Assault on graves: 38 cases

Block roads: 3 cases

Attacks on people: 64 cases

Death threats: 4 cases

Smashing Solar Cells: 2 cases

Storming villages and towns: 25 cases

Acts of provocation, including sexualized humiliation: 83 cases

Running over citizens and children: 6 cases

Compiled by Abdulhadi Hantash
Expert on Land and Settlement
Land Surveyor and Cartographer for the Palestinian Authority
[email protected]                                                                                                                                                                                                       All rights reserved.

*Editor’s note: this report calls the people of Palestine “citizens,” though citizenship in Palestine–or Israel–is exactly what Israel denies all those it illegally occupies–despite the 11.29.12 United Nations Resolution 67/19  granting Palestine the status of a sovereign non-member observer state.


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And now, 18 months’ jail for Azaria. I wonder if time he spent in custody will count as time served, letting him out even sooner.

The well of Zionist injustice and immorality is bottomless.

Militant Judaism

I couldn`t see any specified “defecatory” incidents in the list:

It does surprise me because these ZioJihadis are full to the eyeballs in Zio s..t and we all know that they do so like to throw that extra weight around.

“Gas bombs used: 320 cases”… that can’t be a counting of cans fired. I’d like to know that number, from my experience it would be 4-50 cans per instant. I’d be guessing they used more than 6.000 cans in a year.