African refugees – how dare you invade the Jewish State?

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That’s it, we’ve had it with you, you African… ‘inflitrators’ – as even our enlightened and liberal left leaders call you. It’s time for ‘increased removal’, as our Prime Minister Netanyahu recently said – we’ve cut deals with third countries, so we can quietly and peacefully send you to torture and death at sea – without too many moral scruples. After all, if we pay Rwanda 5,000 USD per ‘infiltrator’, what do we care what happens next?

We’re already used to this, our morality is already hardened. In the early 1950’s, we’ve passed the ‘anti-infiltration’ law, to legalise and regulate our policy of shooting down Palestinians who tried to return to their homes. How dare they ‘infiltrate’ us after we ethnically cleanse them?

Oh, our national poet Nathan Alterman was elated in 1943, even before the state was declared, in his poem “The Swedish Tongue”, about how Sweden said: “I hereby admit from the Danish border all the exile Jews”, whereas “many states already declared, hidden linguistic treasures exposing, the words ‘infiltration’ and ‘quota’ and ‘visa’…Only in Swedish are these items missing”.

Image of poet Nathan Alterman (1910-1972) on Israel’s 200 shekel bill.

Oh, how we loved the Danes and the Swedes for being so magnanimous and empathetic to us Jews, for upholding their humanity and setting aside bureaucracy and nationalist concerns.

But let those Swedes not get too ‘humane’ on us! If they start criticizing us for human rights violations, like the ‘anti-Semitic’ and ‘stupid’ Foreign Minister Wallström – aye, then they should maybe get the ‘Bernadotte treatment’ – no less than assassination.

We know exactly what it means to be a refugee – and in order to prevent this ever again (happening to us) – we’ve made most of the Palestinians refugees! What do you expect? It’s us or them.

“He who comes to kill you, rise early to kill him” says the Talmud, and many secular Israelis know this phrase.

Yes, these refugees are coming to kill us with their dark presence, and we need to send them away. Let someone else do the dirty work for us.

And how convenient it is for us, that so many countries in the West are now governed by right-wing, white-supremacist, anti-immigrant and fascist forces. They will surely understand us. After all, even Herzl knew this over a century ago, where he noted, “The anti-Semites will become our most dependable friends, the anti-Semitic countries our allies”. 

So what, we’re ethnically cleansing Africans – you got a problem with that? After all, our ‘leftist’ historian Benny Morris already noted that “transfer was inevitable and inbuilt in Zionism, because it sought to transform a land which was ‘Arab’ into a Jewish state and a Jewish state could not have arisen without a major displacement of Arab population”.

This ‘transfer’, which we know today as ethnic cleansing, is still inevitable and inbuilt in Zionism. If we can ethnically cleans Arabs, you bet we can ethnically cleanse black Africans. And who will complain? Trump? Victor Orban? The timing couldn’t be better.

Cool it. We’re just doing what we’ve always done. No reason to make a fuss now, and – Never again!!

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Just wondering if any of the $3 billion sorry $4 billion per annum of US taxpayers “military aid” money is actually being diverted to this wonderful humanitarian Zio scheme. Then again I suppose by default it must be. On the plus side though the 24/7 Zio PR catastrophe relief teams are on their marks and all set to go to Rwanda to assist those poor souls ( ex infilltators ) who may be caught up… Read more »