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I’m sensitive to Jewish prejudice against Christians because I married one. After my future wife met my family 28 years ago, and my father kept referring to her as Brenda Frazier (an airhead deb who drank herself to death), she said, “I’ve always known about anti-Semitism; I never knew about anti- anti-semitism.” Christians were the Other for my family; and we never differentiated among them.

So I can’t help calling attention to Eli Valley’s cartoon about evangelical voters in Alabama ahead of the Roy Moore-Doug Jones election last Tuesday. I have the greatest respect for Valley as someone who paid the price for taking on the Jewish establishment over its mindless support for Israel (he does it again this week), but here he is reducing all evangelicals to the very worst attitudes of some of them, ignorance and racism and Islamophobia, and using religious imagery to do so. When people do this to Muslims over support for Islamist terrorists or Jews over parasitical financiers, we call it Islamophobic or anti-Semitic. This is anti-Christian.

Myself, I have very little idea what Christian evangelicals think, or are like. I’m sure that A Lot of them are intolerant narrow-minded people (just like A Lot of Jews are Zionists, and support a militant ethnocratic state). But Shibley Telhami’s polling tells us that the community is somewhat varied. Evangelicals were for recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by 53-40, he said. Not an overwhelming number. Telhami’s Pool of evangelical voters is made up of Evangelical Christians and Born-Again Christians; and most of the born-agains are Democrats, he says. So that means a good number of Doug Jones’s white voters were probably born-again Christians (though, yes, he lost the white vote, 70-30). How many secular east coast journalists even know what born-again or evangelical mean?

Recently Phil Giraldi got fired by the American Conservative for reducing all Jews to warmongers in an article titled, “America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars.” There’s obviously something to be said for Giraldi’s argument: neocons have driven wars recently; neocons came out of the Jewish community and most of them are Jewish; they want Israel the occupying democracy to be the model for American conduct; and Jews have considerable power in the new establishment. But then most Jews opposed the Iraq war, etc. Journalists should differentiate among Christians in the same way.

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Jewish anti-Christianism, like Christian anti-Semitism, is a vestige of a time when relations between Christians and Jews were much more hostile than they are now. These attitudes may still be passed down within families from one generation to the next, but the natural tendency is for them to die out… Read more »

How would Weiss present a more palatable ( to himself) cartoon to replace Valley’s which encapsulates the vile racism, hypocrisy and un-xian supremacism of the evangelical voters of Moore ( close finish to Jones) and Trump? I notice Weiss doesn’t object to Valley’s depiction of Moore and Trump. Trump’s presidency… Read more »

I like both you guys so it pains me to see this squabbling (even though I am not a socialist haha). My thoughts are first of all if Christians are offended by this then I agree it is problematic. But I also think that ‘evangelical’ is actually a phantom designation… Read more »

PHIL- “I’m sensitive to Jewish prejudice against Christians because I married one.” Just Christians? Common, Phil, all Gentiles are kind of lumped together as if all non-Jews were some sort of humongous affinity group rather than many smaller groups and individuals who have little feelings of kinship for their “fellow”… Read more »

I’m a Liberal Christian and I don’t find the cartoon anti-Christian. I have some friends and family members who identify as Evangelicals who might find it offensive; but none of them live in Alabama, so maybe not. For the past forty years, fundamentalist Christians have been trying to coopt the… Read more »